What most businesses do not do well in customer service

What most businesses do not do well in customer service

"Customer service" is one of the biggest exaggerations of some businesses. They should call it rather "Inattention."

Again and again when I am forced to go through the customer service of a business I have a recurring sensation. I have the feeling that I am bothering.

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Having people and / or tasks assigned to customer service for many businesses is a cost or rather a burden. They know they have no other alternative because they do it. During the pre-sale and sale, most of them still know how to maintain the forms and be kind because they have not yet achieved the final objective. This form of behavior is how to tie up a night, bring someone home and then not offer a goodbye breakfast. It is the post-sale where many companies, people and organizations in general fail scrupulously.

The wrong perspective of business

In the end everything is summarized quite simply: lack of empathy. On another occasion I spoke of the need to become the customer to sell. It is put on your skin. Before reacting you have to think. Why are you saying that? Why do you complain about this? What would I do in the same situation?

Lack of empathy is one side of the coin. Lack of wanting to take responsibility is the other. If the client is forced and / or considers it necessary to pass through customer service, the "culprit" is you as a business. You have not created a scope, structure, service, etc. reduce incidents, complaints, queries, etc. Yes I know. I've already said "people are stupid" but that in the end you already knew it. You have not anticipated all that this entails and therefore do not complain if you are now suffering the consequences.

How it should be solved

The perspective is the problem and the solution. Customer service is an opportunity to generate more revenue thinking in terms of Customer Lifetime Value :

  • To close a sale and turn it into a recurring one. Think long term so do not act short.
  • To encourage word of mouth because people have had a good experience with you. Each happy customer is a speaker for your business.

In the end it is about anticipating everything that is already happening and what could happen in the future. You should think about these issues.

  • Define a generous return policy for your products.
  • Create and continually develop the FAQ section.
  • Implement processes that avoid and solve customer service cases.
  • Generate synergies in direct contact with the client to find out how he has met you, feedback on product, if I would recommend, etc.

Many topics would be solved without more if we always thought about the long term. It is complicated because needs arise in the short and always today is more present than what happens tomorrow.

Good customer service goes beyond the sale. If you want your business to continue and prosper within 5 years, you'd better start changing the chip already.