How to Hang Wind Chimes

Wind chimes are a great way to add a zen touch to your home or garden! With the right assembly tools, you can hang them on the ceiling or on the wall. You can also use a standing lantern holder or hang them from an outdoor tree if you don’t want to drill holes in a surface.

Hanging wind chimes on a ceiling

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1. Choose a windy place to hang the wind chimes.

The name doesn’t lie: wind chimes need wind to ring! An outdoor porch or patio that’s exposed to the wind is the perfect place to hang your chimes. You can also hang them on your front or back door to provoke them every time you pass by.

  • Put it in an area away from a bedroom where the nightly ringing could keep someone awake.
  • You can also hang them in, but you have to disturb them to hear a ring.

2. Drill a hole for the hook with a drill bit and a pilot point drill.

First, insert a pilot point drill into a drill bit – make sure it is smaller in diameter than the hook. Then drill a small hole in the place where you want to insert the hanging hook. Make the hole about two to three inches deep.

  • You may have to stand on a stepladder when hanging the wind chimes from a high ceiling.

3. Twist the pointed end of the ceiling hook clockwise into the ceiling.

Holding the hook with the hanger on the end, insert the sharp end into the pilot hole you drilled. Then turn it clockwise until it is secured in the hole.

  • You may need to apply some pressure during the final turns if the hook screw is longer than the depth of the pilot hole you have drilled.

4. Loop the wind chimes chain onto the hook.

Lift the greyhound by the chain and hook it into the hook at the desired length. If you’ve made your own greyhound and used string instead of a chain, tie a sturdy loop at the end of the string to act as a hook.

  • If you want the greyhound to hang lower, hook the last chain link into the hook. To hang it higher, choose a chain length towards the middle or the beginning of the chain.

Using Alternative Hanging Methods

1. Attach a self-adhesive J-hook to the ceiling. If you don’t want to drill a hole in the ceiling, you can purchase adhesive hooks that are specially made for hanging plants and other items from ceilings. Make sure the greyhound weighs less than the maximum weight indicated on the packaging.

  • Simply remove the protective strips from the adhesive mounting and stick them on the hanging surface.
  • You may need to apply pressure to the affixed bracket for up to 1 minute to ensure it is securely in place. Follow the instructions on the packaging.

2. Mount a plant holder on a vertical wall. Use a drill and screws or a hammer and nails to attach a plant mount to a vertical wall. After attaching the bracket, attach the wind chime by placing one of the chain links on the hook.

  • Make sure the hanging part of the bracket protrudes enough that the wind chime has enough room to move back and forth without hitting the wall.

3. Hang the greyhound on a tall lantern or a plant holder. A tall lantern or plant holder is a good choice if you want to move the greyhound to different locations. A holder that is at least 1.2m to 1.5m high is ideal, but you can use a shorter one for a small greyhound.

  • You can buy lantern or plant holders from gardening supplies or hardware stores.

4. Hang the greyhound on a branch with a rope. If you want your greyhound to be hanging from a tree, simply run a rope through one of the chain links and tie it to a tree. Choose a relatively low-hanging horizontal branch. Ideally with a small slope so that the greyhound does not slide over the branch.

  • To prevent rope friction from damaging the tree, wrap the part of the rope that comes in contact with the tree with a headscarf, sock, or other cloth. You can also use a tube of garden hose material as padding.


  • Choose a lightweight bamboo or aluminum wind chime when using small J-hooks.
  • Hang heavier wind chimes made of ceramic, steel or copper on screwed-in brackets or ceiling hooks.
  • Hang the wind chimes on exposed corners of a house or porch to get most of the wind (and most chimes!) In.


  • If you have a socket drill, insert the drill into the holder before inserting it.
  • Avoid hanging wind chimes over seating areas or other places where they could injure someone if they fall.

Things you will need

Wind chimes hanging from a ceiling

  • Drill
  • Pilot point drill
  • Ceiling hook

Use alternative hanging methods

  • Adhesive J-hooks (especially for ceilings)
  • Plant holder wall mount
  • Tall lantern or plant holder
  • Rope and branch (plus optional protective cloth or hose material)

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