How to write articles for SEO

How to write articles for SEO

For our website to gain a good position in Google , writing a good content aimed at SEO is very important. As a professional copywriter and expert in content writing optimized for SEO, there is always a question that I do frequently: how to write articles for SEO?

In these cases, my answer is always to follow the rules, but write with total naturalness , because to achieve a decent positioning we must please Google, but also the users who visit our website and read us.

For this reason, my advice is to write mainly for your readers , and to introduce the small rules that every good article should have for a powerful SEO.

How to write articles for SEO; basic rules

First, decide what topic you are going to talk about in your text, and choose a title that describes it effectively, that draws attention, and above all that contains the keyword that most users seek, to have a greater possibility of that people access your text when they search for that keyword in Google.

The text will be developed around this keyword, you will have to use it several times.

Begin to write your text, making a short introduction that contains the keyword in the first paragraph ; better the closer to the beginning. It is enough that the introduction has a couple of paragraphs, and it is enough to repeat the keyword only once. Do not forget to put the keyword of the first paragraph in bold , this will give much more importance.

Continue writing your text divided into several points. You can enter each point with small titles, which also contain the keyword, and add subheading H2, H3, H4, and all you can enter according to the theme.

Finish the text with the same keyword in the last paragraph. On this occasion it is recommended that you do not highlight it in bold, using it only as a closing of the theme.

Use some bold throughout the text , marking any word or word games that have more importance in the subject, without doing it in excess.

To make a good SEO text, as a minimum you must have an extension of 300 words , but the more extension you have, the better positioning you will get.

As an example, you can take this article completely optimized for SEO, which fulfills each and every one of the indicated rules.

In each text, the word density should be at least 1% , but it is advisable not to exceed 1.5-2% to avoid committing key stuffing , since Google does not like it too much, and readers will surely like it less.

Do not forget to also add the keyword in the tittle of the images that accompany the text, and finally, add a meta description of your article in which the keyword is included.

As a last tip, and as the main objective, write quality texts that help to hook the user, using a clear, orderly, enjoyable language, and interacting with them to invite them to participate. In this way, you will not only get users to access your website thanks to the positioning you have in Google searches, but also because they like the content, and decide to stay and repeat.

Now that you know how to write articles for SEO, you have to put it into practice on your website!