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Saif Khatri’s Blog welcomes guest authors or bloggers who are passionate about to write articles that can inspire others. If you have a flair for writing and want to contribute to the knowledge base, this is an opportunity to showcase your skills. Your article will be published with the required credit for you and your blog or website. Most published articles are read by several hundred or even thousands of individuals, so this is an excellent opportunity to reach out to a wider audience.

Guidelines for submitting a guest article:

We are looking for articles of a minimum of 1000 words. However, if you have more knowledge and want to write more about the topic, you are welcome to do so. Please ensure that your article is professionally written and free of grammatical errors. Additionally, include at least one photo, for which you must own the reproduction rights. If the photos are not yours but free from rights, please indicate the source. All articles must feature 100% original content, meaning they must not be published previously on the web. Any duplicate content will not be published.

You can include one external link to your blog or site within the body of the text, which must be relevant to the content you are submitting. However, promotional items, advertising, or press releases are not accepted.

How to submit a guest post:

Send an email to admin@saifkhatri.com with a brief outline of the subject you would like to write about. We accept articles on all general topics. Once we agree, we will ask you to write an article, which you must submit as an attachment. If our team is not satisfied with your first draft, we will guide you to make necessary changes. After you make the changes, we will review the article again and either approve it or request further changes. This process will continue until we find your article fit for our site. When the article is consistent with all of our rules, we will send you a confirmation.

Categories we cover:

Saif Khatri’s Blog accepts guest articles on various topics, including E-commerce, Logistics, 3PL, Sourcing, Compliance & regulation, Procurement, Entrepreneurship, substantive subjects, general or economic news, society, Home and Improvement, Business, Technology, Education, Entertainment, News, Games, Health, Travel, and other general niches.


We accept all general niches like Home and Improvement, Health, Education, Technology, News, Entertainment, Money. If you have any queries, please contact us at admin@saifkhatri.com, and please wait for 24 hours while we review your submission before publishing. Please write in English language.

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