10 Tips to Become a Better Support Player and Carry Your Team

Do you want to be one of the best League of Legends support players you can be for your team and start carrying the games? This guide will help you improve your support play and step up your game regardless of which support you play.

League of Legends

Learn one Champion at a Time

Taking on one champion at a time is one of the best pieces of advice anyone can give you for learning support. This means that you should get very good at one champion before moving on to another. If you try to learn how to play all of the support champions at once, you won’t learn enough about each one. The end goal is to have a pool of four to five support champions, of which you are very comfortable with two to three. You need to always take into consideration the adc you will play with, so it’s important to have more than one support champion that you can play without any issue.

Find out what each Support Champion can do in detail.

There are different ways to group the League of Legends champions that are used for support. You can find guides and support tiers for every patch on different websites for League of Legends. In terms of how they work and what they do, there are a few different kinds of support. You can play a really safe support where you play always around your adc, or some mage support where you can go ham and even 1vs1 the opponent adc at any time of the game

Find your mistakes and fix them

Lower elo players often ask things like, “I can’t carry games as support. What should I do?” Well, the first step to getting better is to figure out what you’re really having trouble with. You need to know that each support champion is strong in its own way, and you need to make sure you play these champions right and don’t make any mistakes. For example, if you want to win your lane, you need to know when to fight a champion. You can’t go all in without knowing what can happen if you do it. If you attack at the wrong time, the enemy bot lane can get two kills, and you and your ADC will fall behind in gold. With that, you will struggle to win your lane and will have to play super safe because if you die again to a gank the lane is completely lost.

Watching replays of your games is one of the best ways to figure out where you went wrong and what you can change in your gameplay to make it better.

Watching replays

Learn how to ward and to clean wards

One big mistake in low-elo supports is that they don’t have control over their vision. A lot of low-level players don’t think it’s important to put out wards and keep good vision. One of the most important parts of winning a game is being able to see the whole map. If you know that your vision control isn’t very good, you should force yourself to put more wards on the map. That will help you and your teammates win the game and always know where your opponents are.

Always check cooldowns of all abilities from your teammates and opponents

It’s always hard to keep track of everything, but it’s your job to provide information about cooldowns to your team, so keeping track of them is one of the main tasks of good support and must be done every game.

Melee Support vs Ranged Support

When you play a melee support against a ranged support, try as hard as you can to get to level two first. Once you do, use this to your advantage and start fighting right away. After this first fight, be careful when you try to fight again, and move away from the opposing bush so you can see the enemy’s back-up. Try not to get knocked out, and when you can, go all-in.

Melee Support vs Ranged Support

Track Lane Patterns

Depending on the champions and play styles of the enemy lane, they may play the lane aggressively or passively. It’s up to you to figure out what this pattern is. If your enemies are usually passive but suddenly start to play aggressively, you should be careful because your lane is probably about to be ganked. Low-elo players usually do this. They keep playing super safe and when their jungle is preparing a gank, they will go full power on you and on your adc. So always keep a close look at how your lane opponents are behaving.

Harass as a Support Ranged

If you’re playing a ranged champion like Nami or Morgana, it’s critical to harass the opponent’s ADC and provide support. Even if it means annoying the opposing champions with auto-attacks, removing that amount of health from them will ease some of the burden off your ADC and aid your lane overall. Your spells can also be highly effective.

Keep your Summoner Spells up to use when you need

Summoner spells are really useful. In a two-on-two match, having your summoner spells up while the opposing bot lane has all ultimates and spells up is a significant advantage. Keep an eye out for summoner spells, and you can try a play when you have yours to your advantage.

Use a boosting service to learn how to play as support with a good adc

Boosting services have really good solo and duo options, where you can watch a Challenger support play and learn from it, or even duo with a Challenger adc while you play support, and the booster will teach you how to play support and when to use your abilities at the right time.

Boosting services are an interesting option for you if you want to improve your support skills and fix your mistakes. You can find more about boosting options at eloboostleague.com