How to respond to a comment edge has helped me bill 500 euros

How to respond to a comment edge has helped me bill 500 euros

In the business world you will find everything. Nice and nice people and then just the opposite.

It seems that the written format and anonymity sometimes bring out the worst in people . At the level of emotional intelligence many adults continue with the maturity of a teenager aged 12 to 14 years. That at least is what my conclusion is after years of participating in networks, writing on blogs and receiving messages through forms on web pages.


Very few of they maintain the posture when you have them in front of you. It is very easy to vent virtually but having to deal with people in real life live without time to choose the right emoticons intimidates most of them.

Do not take teenage behavior as something personal

When someone I “vomit” over through some digital channel imagines a wounded person. He had a bad day with the couple, with the children, at work, etc. and it uses me as an escape channel. That does not justify his behavior but reminds me that it is not personal . I am not the problem.

I firmly believe that anything bad can have something good if you allow yourself to see it. The most important thing is to control your emotions and not react as you would have done with 13 or 14 years. Now you are an adult, being in networks does not change the thing.

Wallapop is a channel in which lately I move more. That is why I see more negative comments and / or edges here than elsewhere. A chat can go like this.

  • “5 euros” (product with market value of 25 euros, offered for 20 euros).
  • “Hi [nombre]! 5 euros I can not. The product is new in its original packaging, it has cost me more, I would be losing money. “
  • ” I find it very expensive. I offer you 7 with shipping included. “
  • ” Take a look at Amazon, there they also offer it. Have a nice day. “
  • ” Well, in [tienda online] they sell it for 15 euros, so you’ll know. “
  • ” Okay, so I recommend buying it there. Greetings. “

This conversation is not the most unpleasant either. There are worse ones but it is for you to have an idea. If this already exceeds you or you have responded differently, it is better that you do not get involved. I would recommend you do it anyway. Learn to put your ego in a corner of the room where it does not harm you. You could be missing out on opportunities .

This is what keeps me calm when I’m getting pregnant

A recent conversation similar to the one above but a bit more edge has helped me bill 250 additional euros every month. The title says 500 euros but with the passage of time the impact on billing will be even more important.

Not all price proposals without simply ridiculous. In my case they have allowed me to find a supplier of products in Spain for something I was buying until then for much more in the United States. My price was therefore high compared to that store because I was buying as a final buyer, including shipping and customs. Right now I am buying with a discount of 30 to 40% so my margin has increased despite being able to offer much more competitive prices .

This conversation was of the typical type “in [tienda online] they offer it for x euros. ” This has helped me discover this Spanish distributor of the American brand, contact him and achieve reseller prices. I have increased the range of products which has opened up a new sub-segment of my niche and right now generates about 250 additional billing euros .

Always listen. There can be valuable information behind every insult or comment edge. Do not get carried away by your emotions. It is not personal, act with a cool head if you are looking for a positive impact on your business.