The Recipe of SEO

Unlock the secret ingredients of SEO success! Discover the recipe for your online presence. Get success with our expert guidance!

SEO (positioning in seekers Google) does not have magic recipes but every so often a specialist appears with THE SOLUTION, because it is already known that where there is a need, someone will try to sell a solution, whether it is suitable or not.

The Recipe for SEO Success

A website that loads quickly with good user experience and having amazing content is the recipe for SEO success.

We leave you the only seo recipe that works and that will not cost you € 50 a month:

Product or Service

The first thing to do SEO is to have a great product or service, present it well and make it attractive to users. Without that, doing SEO does not make much sense. Once you have this, the SEO consultant will focus on a first phase in two points: What users understand your website and what you offer and when Google arrives at your website and can go through it completely without getting lost along the way. So bad is that users do not understand what you offer or how to use your website as search engines are lost to track it. Some will say that the first part is UX but nothing is further from reality (see information about the Pogo-stic ). Without a good UX you will not get results in SEO either.


Once we have achieved that our website is read by the search engines, the second step is that they semantically understand it and know how to categorize it. To this end, semantic marking techniques are used, as well as the generation of content on the subject to be treated. This is not content marketing and you have to explain to users the proposal of our website so that search engines can also understand it. Before this was translated to write the maximum number of times the word for which you wanted to position but luckily the search engines have evolved. And now we have to be more subtle but equally clear.


Once this phase is over, it only remains to be popular on the network . Being popular means making social networks more dynamic, getting us linked from other websites and it is in this phase where a good content strategy can help us make our website popular (important that popularity reaches the web and does not stay in the networks social). If you are popular in the offline world it will not cost you much to be online. But if you are not nobody yet, you have to establish a strategy to get the popularity of each project you need to position yourself well in search engines.

Unfortunately, many projects start with the third phase, energizing the social networks before having adequately developed the first two phases because it is more “cool” than the technical work of making the web visible and understandable for search robots. Before launching to present the web to the world through social networks you have to have it ready to teach it to both users and search engines.

How to Write Articles for SEO?

For our website to gain a good position in Google , writing a good content aimed at SEO is very important. As a professional copywriter and expert in content writing optimized for SEO, there is always a question that I do frequently: how to write articles for SEO?

In these cases, my answer is always to follow the rules, but write with total naturalness , because to achieve a decent positioning we must please Google, but also the users who visit our website and read us.

For this reason, my advice is to write mainly for your readers , and to introduce the small rules that every good article should have for a powerful SEO.

3 SEO Tricks to Position Your Website in a Short Time

Often many people who begin to become familiar with the world of digital marketing do not know with certainty what SEO is and why it is so important for the web of any type of company.

Both SEO On Page and SEO Off Page are absolutely essential and necessary if you aim to have visibility on your website and attract customers.

In this exciting field of SEO we will show you three infallible tricks that will allow you to position your website in a short period of time.

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