When you doubt if you should do more

When you doubt if you should do more

Last week I made a lightning trip to Germany to catch a product for my collecting project.

I woke up at 4 in the morning to go out with the first flight. At 11.15 I was on the way "shopping". Until 19.45 hours had bought in 12 stores

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At 20.45 hours had left in boxes all ready for shipment to Spain in a kiosk that from time to time I resend product when I shop at Ebay Germany. Half an hour later I'm at my in-laws house and at 22.00 I'm going to sleep because apart from being busted I have to get up the next day at 4 in the morning.

I write you these lines from the plane having hardly any room to give the keys of my laptop. I'm happy about life. It brings me infinite happiness pushing with brutal force a project that I am starting from scratch with my own resources.

I have realized that the last 5 years I have possibly only gone to half gas. It does not mean that it has been relaxed or that it would have been easy but that compared to the pace of now it has not been anything. I have unconsciously put on a brake.

I had convinced myself that we have to be more productive. Take more minutes with fewer hours a day. The downside is that the existing work hours are not duplicated, but simply get a little more performance. In exchange, new hours add up much more. It is an indisputable truth. More is more and is better. Point. And if you are an entrepreneur and you think that less is more or you are vague or more likely still … you are not an entrepreneur.

Right now I want to attack the German market. The last weeks I was wondering if I should go to an event in Frankfurt or not. I have it clear, the answer is yes.

When you have a new project, doubts arise.

Should you do SEO?

Should you be in networks?

Should you do Facebook Ads?

Should you create videos?

Should you do e-mail marketing?

Should you post products in Wallapop?

Should I go to the show?

The answer to all your questions is "yes" because all sum.

And yes, I understand you perfectly. Right now I'm not doing everything I should do either. But I know I have to do it and I know I'll find a way to do it. I will not look for excuses not to do what it takes.

Trying to find out things. Maybe doing Facebook Ads does not make sense (for you). You may also not have put all the effort and patience to make things work. If you do not get serious you will never find out.

The question is not whether you should do more than add to your business. The question is how and when you can get it going.