3 SEO tricks to position your website in a short time

3 SEO tricks to position your website in a short time

Often many people who begin to become familiar with the world of digital marketing do not know with certainty what SEO is and why it is so important for the web of any type of company.

The abbreviation SEO corresponds to the Anglo-Saxon term ” Search Engine Optimization ” which means organic positioning or natural positioning in internet search engines.

What is achieved with SEO is to get a website is placed in the top positions of Google or another search engine through the combination of elements and techniques thus avoiding the payment of money. With this we are not saying that SEO techniques are completely free, but they are not actions with an added cost such as SEM, which are ad campaigns paid on Google.

On the other hand, we can differentiate between SEO On Page and SEO Off Page . The first one refers to everything you can do within your website such as the publication of content through blogs , and the second one to the actions that take place outside as the linkbuilding strategy .

Both SEO On Page and SEO Off Page are absolutely essential and necessary if you aim to have visibility on your website and attract customers.

In this exciting field of SEO we will show you three infallible tricks that will allow you to position your website in a short period of time.

1.Prepare a good Keyword Research

It is the first step in any SEO strategy and positioning is to analyze what keywords (keywords) are the most interesting to attack and that our content is positioned well on search engines.

If for example our company is dedicated to selling insurance, we must analyze the keywords that interest us that Internet users find us on Google through tools such as SemRsuh or Google Search Console . In this way, we can analyze word traffic as a search engine for home insurance or cheap car insurance to decide which one suits us the most.

When we want to position a company that is dedicated to online training we will also have to choose keywords with which we want to be found in Google and perform its subsequent analysis. For any type of company it is necessary to carry out a Keyword Research in order to optimize your website.

2. Create a blog and establish a content calendar

As we commented previously in previous paragraphs, blogs are one of the most used and effective tools to achieve a natural positioning of a web page. That is why it is advisable to create a calendar of contents that are very useful for users. It is about getting traffic to our website to sell our products or services, therefore, the longer they stay reading on our blog and the more interesting information we offer them, the more possibilities we will have to obtain benefits for our company.

3. Respect the 6 commandments of SEO On Page

Every expert in SEO has to respect these six rules indisputably to achieve a better organic positioning of a website:

  • Texts must have a minimum length of 1500 words
  • The density of the keyword you choose can not be higher than 2.5%
  • Use titles and subtitles in your texts
  • Use Meta Title tags
  • Opt for friendly URLs
  • Put in the first paragraph the keyword you chose in bold and a link to increase the visit time of the users

With these three tricks that we propose in this article you will see that you will be able to position your web page in a short period of time.