Twitter will allow up to 280 characters per tweet in Spanish

Twitter was born in 2006 and revolutionized social networks with messages of less than 140 characters. It became from the first moment a network of information, in which the users had to stretch their imagination and literary creativity to the maximum in order to bring together in so little space an idea, an opinion, a news story and, especially in recent years, a criticism or a disqualification.

From now on, the number of characters for some languages ​​will be doubled, staying at 280. After investigating the behavior of the users, the company has indicated that among the Korean, Chinese or Japanese users, so only 0.4% of the sent tweets reaches 140 characters. In addition, they point out that these users tend to tweet more than in other countries that have a greater difficulty compressing ideas in such a small space.

This change will be progressively implemented in the profiles of users whose languages ​​are Spanish, Portuguese and French Jack Dorsey, founder and CEO of Twitter explained that the company has decided to try this change to offer a "solution to a real problem" that users have when trying to write a tweet. However, the decision of the company has brought queue and users have very different opinions.

Defenders and detractors of the changes on Twitter

Some users say that with this controversial change, Twitter will lose its differentiation with other social platforms , because its stamp is the brevity and conciseness of the messages. In addition, the detractors assure that Twitter had generated new communication codes and obliged the user to develop ingenuity. Thus, they believe that the changes will limit the creativity of the users.

Even so, Twitter, the company that adds 328 million users, has not yet managed to find the key to growth as other social networks are doing. Instagram Therefore, the advocates of these changes appreciate having more space to express themselves. In addition, today social platforms are new spaces for advertising. It is understood that Twitter increases the characters to improve their advertising figures. Now it offers brands a greater permanence on the page and possibilities to express themselves better.

On the other hand, Dorsey's have been trying to group messages by topic for a long time, but users have gone ahead by using the threads. This trend has generated new forms of creative expression, such as the recent tweet from Manuel Bartual, a tending topic for days this summer in Spain.

How to start now to write on Twitter with 280 characters

As we explained above, this new measure will be progressively introduced among users of the mentioned languages. But if you are curious and want to start testing the novelty, we have the solution for you. Thanks to an extension for browsers, such as Google Chrome, Safari or Firefox, it is possible to have more space to express yourself in the social platform of micromessages par excellence. You must install Tampermonkey, visit the repository of this page and download the files from 'Raw'. Thus, you can be the first to publish tweets of 280 characters.

If you want more information about the latest news in social networks, improve the Social Media strategy of your company or publicize using the advantages offered by having more space to communicate your services, get in touch with us and we will advise you without obligation.