5 tips to choose the keyword to use in your campaigns

5 tips to choose the keyword to use in your campaigns

The keywords are the hub around which all the campaigns you pay based on users ‘ search for both large and small campaigns. The selection of keywords is what drives consumers to see their ads and provoke expectations around the services or products the company offers.

The specialist Jason Tabeling makes a witty comparison of the list of keywords with a garden, where one is the gardener. If you plant appropriate keywords at the right time, you will get wonderful results. However, if the gardener chooses incorrectly or one does not see the list carefully, he will fail and his garden will fill with weeds that need to be thrown away.

To help make sure you get more flowers than weeds, here are five things to consider when choosing search keywords for your paid campaigns.

  1. Do your homework

The keywords are critical to your search campaign, so you can not take the selection lightly. Things to keep in mind in your options include:



Geographical variation

These factors help to understand how it is possible to obtain advantages in your campaign through the keywords. For example, Google Insights is a free tool that helps you understand the new keywords through which you are searching . This can give you a good sense of new variants to add to your list, to gain an advantage over your competition.

  1. Take advantage of the search extension to expand and accelerate the range of the campaign.

Accurate matching is a good way to control exactly what consumers see when they search for your products. You never have to guess what your experience is, which makes traders feel very comfortable.

However, other types of concordances can give an idea of ​​what other variations of keywords that consumers are using that have not been thought of. Sometimes, those are keywords that you want to match in negative, and sometimes they will be very new keywords that add incremental volume to your account. With the search query report to help observe variations of keywords you get additional consumer insights for your business.

  1. Take into account the customer search experience through mobile devices.

The navigation and search on the Internet through mobile phones, iPad and tablets, represents around 10 to 15 percent  of the search volume , and day by day growth is visualized. This fact makes it especially important to remember that searches on these devices have their own characteristics that must be taken into account when choosing keywords . For example, the length of the words is different and in addition search queries of users of these devices contain more spelling mistakes than searches made on desktop. It is important to do keyword research around these concrete experiences.

  1. Try new beta versions of Google

Change is the only thing that is constant in the search. In the last year, Google has released some keyword improvements that have given additional controls to users. Advertisers should try this in a controlled manner to better understand the potential impact of their business. Two of these examples:

Broad match modifier: This provides better control over the location of your ads that are displayed versus broad match, but with a wider distribution than phrase search.

Keywordless Ads : This allows Google to control the keywords that your ad appears for the view of the content of your page. This type of orientation has had a good start in limited tests.

  1. Work is never finished.

The consumers and algorithms are constantly changing . It is not good to establish a list of keywords  and forget about it.

Too often, we are afraid to stop a keyword, even if the performance is poor. You tend to continue using your original research and ignore the current data of your campaigns. You have to keep up with the trends , and understand that your list of keywords will be a come and go in time.


Keyword research seems simple, but it can not be taken lightly. After a few simple steps to stay on top of your keyword list will help you to exceed your business goals .