12 Essential strategies to generate traffic to your website Quickly.

12 Essential strategies to generate traffic to your website Quickly.

I leave a series of strategies that must be done to generate traffic to your website or blog. They are made during and after the completion of the web. Once the web has been completed with its optimization nowadays, it has to be supported with other techniques in order to obtain great results. With these points you will get more traffic, more visits and in conclusion more sales.

Optimize your site for search engines (SEO)

The natural positioning of the page serves to gain greater visibility and occupy relevant positions on the Google search results page . Positioning your site in the search results of Google and other engines can help you generate large volumes of traffic for free.

Although it takes time to bear fruit, it is the method that works best and offers the best results in terms of web traffic quality.

Remember that every page of your site must have an HTML tag title and a unique description meta tag that is relevant to its content.

Create your Blog and published frequently

Having a blog is an effective way to generate traffic since it not only allows you to generate content that will be included in the search results, but also publications can be shared on social networks, thus increasing the reach of your brand and generating new visits.

However, for this to happen it is essential that you generate publications relevant to the interests of your audience. Do not limit yourself to news or offers from your company, think about what interests the target audience.

Write unique and high-quality content

If your visitors when they get to your page or blog they do not see anything that interests them and they run away.

If you have a blog and you write unique articles, original, good and quality people will spend more time on your site because they will love reading what you write.

Google will know this, and will reward you by putting you higher in the search results (and therefore, you will get more traffic because your blog will be more visible.)

If what you have is a page where you sell your products or services, and it is well structured, with clear sections so that the user find what you are looking for, also spend more time looking at it and reading what you offer.

Use social networks

Create an account on Facebook and Twitter with the name of your page or blog dedicated exclusively to your site, and include in the biography of your two profiles the main address of your web page.

Do not eliminate this option or think it will not be useful to you: the people that visit your social networks, and go to your website thanks to them, will also be traffic that you will have generated thanks to these platforms.

Make sure your site is easy to share on social networks

As mentioned in the previous point, social networks can help you generate traffic. Always include in all your pages and articles several buttons to share your content on social networks and so your visitors can distribute your information among their friends and acquaintances. It is important that users can share both your website and the publications of your blog with ease. The most effective way to achieve this is by installing the buttons to share that provide social networks.

Make a channel youtube

It is also a way to attract traffic to your website. Create a youtube channel or just a video. Upload it to to publicize your activity and your website . Today youtube has become a showcase for all brands. It’s not just for tutorials, songs and videos. It is a super powerful tool that will give accessibility to many clients.

Make posts as a guest on third party blogs

If you have identified blogs that are relevant to your target audience, you can contact them and offer to write an article. Since you are a guest author, in these articles you can include a brief personal biography, in which you can add a link to your site.

This technique has two benefits. First, blog readers will see the link to your site and some will visit it. Second, this link will also help you to position your website in search engines.

Participate in relevant forums for your niche

Surely your audience uses a forum to discuss different relevant topics. Identify the forums that group your audience and actively participate. As long as it makes sense for the topic that is being debated, you can include a link to your website or a blog post. However, avoid SPAM and publish links that have nothing to do with the conversation that is developing.

Include the URL of your site in the signature of your email

Surely you send emails frequently. A trivial way to take advantage of these emails in order to increase visits to your page is to add in the signature of these emails the web address (URL) of your website.

Services like Google Apps or Outlook.com (formerly called Hotmail) allow you to configure your signature.

This can be applied to both your personal email account and to your work box.

Offer your products in coupons and buying clubs.

Coupons like Groupon and Agrupate, and buying clubs like wallapop, a thousand ads usually have bases of thousands of users to whom they send emails frequently informing about your new offers.

You can get in touch with these companies and launch a promotion offering your products or services. By publishing the offer on your page, these services usually include a link to the website of the bidder, which will allow thousands of potential customers to know your brand and visit your site.

Add your site to directories or classified sites

Classified sites or directories usually have a good search engine ranking and are an excellent way to generate visits.

Do not forget to publish your website in sites like OLX and alaMaula . Remember that the publication on these sites is free.

Build a good online presence

The online presence is the same as the popularity in school: that your website is known by many people.

In this way in other blogs and web pages will talk about you, link to your page, and so your readers will visit your website, share your posts on their social networks, and increase your visits.

This type of strategy is wonderful not only to generate traffic web, but to increase your credibility and your confidence in those who visit you and get positioned as an expert in your field that everyone will want to go to know what you are saying.

Start today to put these practices into practice Tips.

There is no more secret to follow all these strategies to generate traffic to your website or blog for free. I recommend this other post I have made 6 essential payment strategies to generate traffic to your website

Although now it seems somewhat complicated, as you write on your site you will realize that little little by little these techniques will become a habit and it will be much easier to include them.

And of course, your positioning in Google will improve and you will receive many more visitors.

If you have any doubt about how to generate web traffic to your page, ask me questions. I will answer you personally and I will gladly help you, promised!