Tips For Safe Surfing On The Internet

Tips For Safe Surfing On The Internet

Actions such as buying food, suffering on social media or booking hotels for our holidays are usually carried out daily by millions of users through the internet. Due to the great traffic that exists on the internet, it is possible that we find ourselves before websites or people whose sole purpose is to steal our money.

In addition Tips To Choose The Best Platform, when we surf the Internet without precaution we can cause us to steal money from our bank accounts or even inspect the corporate or personal emails we have, causing us to visit a law firm to advise us.

In order to be able to navigate without any type of risk, we recommend in this article a series of actions that you should always remember not to commit .

Enter personal information in forms

Unless it is absolutely necessary and comes from official websites, it is advisable to avoid entering your personal data.

If, for example, we are faced with a web form that is composed of fields with sensitive information (for example, username and password), we always have to verify the legitimacy of the site.

One of the best ways to corroborate the legitimacy of the domain is if it is HTTPS, since that “s” serves to guarantee the confidentiality of the information. So we can escape the attacks of strangers who try to access our sensitive information to do whatever they want with it.

Execute suspicious files

Any spread of malware, that is, viruses that affect our computers, is usually done through executable files. It is always advisable to avoid the execution of files, unless you know the security of it and its provenance is reliable.

Use passwords that are easy to decipher

The vast majority of services on the Internet are protected with an access code in order to protect the privacy of information . If this password is simple or common (since it is widely used among users) an attacker could guess and access it as if it were the real user.

For this reason, strong passwords must be used, with different types of characters and a length greater than 8 characters. Do not use your names and surnames, as well as your date of birth because they are very easy to obtain by people who are specialized in obtaining information to carry out some type of fraud.

Lack of security technologies in our computer

One of the most important ways to protect your computer against the main threats that spread through the Internet are antivirus and firewalls. The use of these technologies reduces the risk and exposure to cyber threats.

Access websites that offer promotions

It is common that many websites are promoted with data to attract the attention of the user such as discounts on the purchase of products, free offers, exclusive news, multimedia material, etc.

If you want to perform safe browsing, you should be attentive to these messages and avoid accessing web pages with these characteristics.

Use an unknown Wi-Fi network

Although it is very convenient to connect to networks of shopping centers, restaurants or stores, we have to remember that they tend to be unsafe since the information transmitted through public connections can easily be captured by hackers or cybercriminals.

Give personal information to strangers

Never give your full name, address or phone number to anyone online that you do not know or distrust. Many good friendships that are made online are not real and only seek to get something in return.

Internet entails many dangers but if you avoid committing the actions that we have described you will be able to navigate safely, Learn More about Accessories For Technology here.

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