The problem of most bloggers that I no longer have

The problem of most bloggers that I no longer have

Creating and publishing is the solution. Do not stop for wanting to achieve perfection or by other people's opinions. They are much less relevant than you think.

I've been writing in this blog for almost 9 years and I do not get tired. It is clear that you always have moments where you have a slump and you are tired. On average this is being a decade more than positive documenting, learning and sharing my experiences.

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Why do I sleep like a baby when I get pregnant

With 40 tacos that I will meet next year you can tell me that my content is worth nothing or that I have not achieved anything in this life and I will sleep like a baby in my bed dreaming of unicorns, rivers filled with chocolate and cotton candy clouds.

I do not take it personally. I know what I know how to do and what I do not. I have very clear my abilities and the points where I loose . I have almost 3,000 posts on my back. I am a blogger and that is not taken away from me by anyone.

My ego does not interfere in my decisions or behavior. It does not slow down my determination to follow the path I started 12 years ago by starting my own business. I have a very simple formula in my way of acting. More is better. It is that there are not even the slightest doubts on that point.

If you think otherwise, you are vulnerable. You consider yourself an "intelligent" worker when in reality you are lazy and / or you make excuses not to do more. Sorry to talk without filters but I think we finished earlier. Until recently I was like that.

What you have to overcome when you first became a blogger

When you start creating content on a blog you feel vulnerable . I speak of a blog because it is what I know best but we could also talk about a Youtube channel, a podcast or any other way. This is what all these contents have in common.

You look at what those who admire are doing and all you see are impeccable content and extraordinary information. Speaking from inside conversations I've had, I can tell you that these people feel just as vulnerable or even more. In exchange for you they have the feeling that they could lose something very valuable: their reputation. The more positive feedback you get, the more pressure you put on yourself to improve yourself the next time you post. It is something that almost all content creators have in common and that is what actually makes them vulnerable.

My form of publication is based on documenting and not creating . That is why I have an infinite capacity to get new content every day because I write about what I live. I'm not afraid of the lack of feedback, criticism and / or quality of my content. What for a reader is mediocre for another may be just the answer to a problem that does not let him sleep. My goal is not to add value for thousands of people but with a conformo . Nor is my own opinion relevant. What for me can be an extraordinary contribution does not have to be for the readers. Many of posts that I have considered myself "lazy" have had an amazing reception.

This for me has not been a conclusion that I have achieved in three days. Although you read it, you will not believe it or perceive it in this way. Even so, allow yourself to publish something that in your eyes is not perfect. Sometimes you can take a surprise.