Synchronization of browsers: What is it and what is it for?


Have you ever heard that you can open the history of the sites you have browsed on your smartphone directly on your computer? This feat is possible to happen thanks to the synchronization of browsers. But, what’s true?

Before continuing, you need to understand what synchronization is in Computing .

When talking about synchronization, we talk of the possibility of accessing the same information in several devices and several platforms Windows Android iOS, etc.

This already happens in other applications that are surely used on a day to day basis. We give you an example: Facebook chat on the Facebook site itself.

All conversations are synchronized on any device, whether mobile or fixed.

This means that you can start a conversation on your computer and continue on your smartphone or tablet .

Of course, there are more applications that are also synchronized with various platforms and devices.

Browser synchronization to make our lives easier

In browsers, this also happens. There are already several that allow the synchronization of open sites, historical, fields, passwords, etc.

With the evolution of browsers, it is now possible, for example, to have access on your computer to the history of sites that you have been on your smartphone.

Browser synchronization is interesting for those who surf a lot on their smartphone or tablet and want to have access later on their computer and vice versa.

This technological improvement serves as an easy-to-use transmission tool which allows the transfer of files of any kind and your computer to other electronic devices.

For this you need a sync cable we leave some models.

Valueline USB Cable Synchronization and charging, Lightning male – USB A male

This sync and charging cable is suitable for synchronizing and charging your device Apple with USB

Bandridge 2 meter cable for charging and syncing Samsung Tab nickel plating

Charge and synchronize a Samsung Tab with a computer .