My partner has depression: how to live with it

My partner has depression: how to live with it

When we talk about depression we usually focus on the person affected by this disease. However, What happens to who lives with a partner with depression? Throughout this article we will talk about the importance of knowing both perspectives within a limit situation like this. It is very possible that you feel recognized whether you are a victim of depression or if your partner suffers daily.

Living together as a couple during a depression

Surely you have found that the anhedonia the lack of sexual interest or bad mood have become your day to day since your partner has depression. He or she may not have realized it yet but who suffers from outside is aware of it .

Low sexual desire: It has been found that 75 % of depressed people have problems of a sexual nature. The difficulty of feeling pleasure or anhedonia is very common among people with depression.

Lack of attention : It is common for the couple with depression to lose interest in everything around them. It is a constant downturn that is very difficult to solve. But what can the person accompanying the patient do?

What the person without depression can do to live with this illness

The first thing to understand a person with depression is try to put yourself in their place but be clear from the first moment that it is impossible to fully understand what is happening to him. Its neurotransmitters of the receipt of reward and enjoyment are under minimum so we are not only talking about a purely behavioral issue but physical .

Patience is fundamental in these cases but should go accompanied by great firmness to invite your partner to go to a specialist . It is a disease that can aggravate over time so its severity should not be overlooked. It is also essential that time is sought to be alone as there are cases in which depression can be "contagious", especially if it is within the couple.

What you should know about living with a person depressive

You should know that depression is a serious illness that does not depend on the attitude of the sufferer and that, if not try, it can become chronic. Ideally, do not press the other person and give him a little space. You should also be aware that may be emotionally wearing you . There are cases of people without depression who had to cut off a relationship that had always been positive because their partner was sick.

Furthermore it is common to make a series of mistakes that are easier to avoid than they were believe: you do not have to live like a person who has depression. It is natural that your partner can not enjoy life as before but you have no responsibility for this. Also, you can not force the person with depression to be well. Aggression does not work either, nor pressure . One last piece of advice is that it is advisable not to perform all the tasks that the patient does not want to perform because, ultimately, the person with depression wants to feel useful and in that utility their recovery can reside.

Author : Alex Bayorti (collaborator of our Blog)