If you are going to communicate on YouTube, do not forget SEO

If you are going to communicate on YouTube, do not forget SEO

Nowadays it is indisputable that the preferred format for consumers is video, absolute king of digital content for its convenience, agility and entertainment. And in this reign of the video, Undoubtedly stands out among the other subjects. This audiovisual platform has a trillion active users every month, so brands must develop specific strategies for this platform that has already become the second search engine in the world.

However, it is very difficult for brands position themselves within this network in which new material is published every second. That's why we say that if you're going to communicate on YouTube, you can not forget SEO. We give you some essential keys so that your content is very visible on YouTube after the latest changes of the platform.

 SEO on youtube

Obviously, the duration will depend on the content, but if you are flexible as to what that you are going to create, we recommend the explanatory videos of about 14 minutes, since the younger audience uses the audiovisual platform to learn to do different things. The titled tutorials with a 'How to do …' or a 'How to …' are guaranteed success, so follow this SEO strategy.

The best positioned videos on YouTube are the ones with the most comments, shares and likes. Be smart and provoke interaction. Ask users to give their opinion on a topic, motivate them to ask questions through the platform, generate debate, create contests on this network and get to be in the list of trends.

So that large channels do not completely eclipse the small ones, nowadays, YouTube places the videos according to the number of subscribers that this video has achieved, instead of according to the number of subscribers that the channel has. Each video you upload must have meaning, you must have a message, be well done and offer a value proposal for different social segments. In addition, the number of times a video has been viewed also helps to position but not so much.

It has been shown that HD videos are the ones that best position themselves on YouTube. In addition, that the content of your video is of quality will provide interaction and subscribers, so this should be your goal each time you publish a video on YouTube: quality, quality and quality.