How to Give Mahogany an Awesome Wood Finish with Tung Oil Varnish + Polyurethane

How to Give Mahogany an Awesome Wood Finish with Tung Oil Varnish + Polyurethane

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What is a Fantastic Way to Finish a Mahogany Woodworking Challenge?

In this online video, I employed 4 of my preferred solutions for hand-applied finishes, and in this order:

Tung oil varnish, dewaxed shellac, gel polyurethane, and paste wax. 


Why This End?

I arrived at this established of items simply because I like how the tung oil varnish presents this wooden a lovely, warm glow – but I figured a table major may reward from the included toughness of a polyurethane. Here’s how to get the most effective of both worlds.  

In quick, this recipe handles the essentials – 

  1. Delivers out the purely natural natural beauty in the rusty-purple color
  2. Provides some rough defense
  3. It is uncomplicated to do

To realize a little additional, let us wander by each individual product and why I utilised it. 

The tung oil varnish brings out the warm, deep reddish brown shade, and it’s tremendous simple to use by wiping it on and off with a shop towel.  Apart from, I also “wet sanded” the tung oil varnish, which is an optional method. I like the way the damp sanding motion fills the grain with mahogany dust which assists accentuate the nuances in the grain styles. Notice, far too, that this isn’t 100% tung oil. Instead, this is a tung-oil-with-varnish mix, and that just signifies it’s less complicated to do the job with, dries quicker, and consists of a little bit of varnish that dries really hard. 

Dewaxed shellac simply just seals the tung oil varnish and guarantees compatibility for the gel polyurethane. Admittedly, you could be equipped to forfeit this action. I used it just to make confident the gel polyurethane would adhere to the challenge. Why? Due to the fact there is a likelihood that it could not adhere to the tung oil varnish even soon after it is fixed. So, to be harmless, I sealed it with dewaxed shellac since it’s fundamentally a universal sealer that is suitable with virtually all top coat wooden finishes. 

Also, the gel polyurethane is not unquestionably important, either. But it is a harder best coat than the tung oil varnish by alone. Likewise, you could skip this and only use only the Tung Oil Varnish, perhaps creating up 8 to 10 coats or so. That’s completely acceptable to do, specially on jobs like a attractive box, shelving, a upper body of drawers, and so forth, that really don’t need the h2o and abrasion resistance that polyurethane delivers. 

Considering that this is a table top rated, I jumped more than to gel polyurethane for the last 3 coats. And I picked a gel type simply because I come across it less complicated to apply than a brush-on type…. and I consider more people would gain from learning about how simple gel polyurethane is to use. So right here we are. 

And lastly, I utilized a tiny paste wax just after letting the previous coat dry for a couple of days. Why paste wax? Je ne sais quoi. It offers the undertaking a little shine and aids give it a toddler-base smooth come to feel. 


Check out the video over to comply with alongside with each and every stage of the way, post your queries down below. 


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About Mahogany

We could possibly want to set a few issues straight about this wood. There is a lot more than one particular species that will get tagged with the name “mahogany.” To a huge degree, when I say mahogany, I’m conversing about the stuff recognized all through the industry as Genuine Mahogany, which is botanically named Swietenia macrophylla

So why do I treatment?

The moment upon a time, everybody referred to it as “Honduran mahogany” due to the fact Honduras was the major place that manufactured mahogany lumber. Regretfully, the region over-harvested their supply and the bulk of the creation shifted to other sections of Central and South The us the place Swietenia macrophylla trees grew. Which is almost just about everywhere from Mexico to Bolivia.

So even even though the exact same wood grows in Honduras as what could occur from Bolivia, it’s not pretty fair to call it “Honduran” if it didn’t genuinely get harvested and exported from Honduras soil. So the field uses the phrase authentic. 

Similarly, this differentiates it from African mahogany, which is yet another wooden with a in the same way regal overall look and timeless splendor. But it’s abundant, preferred, and quite economical. African mahogany and legitimate mahogany, for the most component, look alike. They have some distinctions that you can feel with your hands, but you will will need a qualified eye to explain to the variance just by looking at them aspect by aspect. However, Africa is a completely various continent. 

Discovering Sustainably Managed Mahogany

In the 1940s, the British extra or fewer saw the creating on the wall for the potential of Honduran mahogany as the forests in Honduras depleted. To make certain the upcoming supply of this species of mahogany, they re-planted and set up managed plantations of Swietenia macrophylla trees in (of all spots) Fiji. 

Plantation developed genuine mahogany not only relieves the organic forests of the downsides of tree harvesting, but it also is managed to make sure the long term provide of the wood though furnishing economic option for the island locals. 




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