How Google Adwords works with videos on YouTube

How Google Adwords works with videos on YouTube

Google Adwords is one of the most popular advertising systems on the Internet. The emblematic creation of Google has gained space for its simplicity and its rational essence in what has to do with the spaces in which advertising banners appear, relating them to the profile of the user who performs the search.

This simple but effective feature is a powerful tool when handled by the most important Internet search engine such as Google and can interact intimately with profiles and advertising banners.

With the acquisition by Google of the largest viewer of the network, YouTube, the incorporation and advertising possibilities of Adwords were multiplied and the possibility of using a showcase of YouTube features are used to carry out large advertising campaigns. impact.

YouTube has established itself as the second most used search engine in the world with two million videos played each day and with 455 million registered users in the service and who have made purchases from the display of promotional videos.

As with advertising on, AdWords ad campaigns on YouTube allow advertising to target users who search and see content related to your company. In this post we show how to combine the accuracy of the search with the emotion of the video

The possibilities that Google offers to advertise with the Adwords on line system on You Tube basically go through three simple steps and possibilities: a) you can establish the presence of the company and the brand in a free channel that will be the landing page of the Promoted videos; b) attraction of users through the appearance of the promoted videos that are displayed next to the search results; c) or attract users at the moment they watch videos on You Tube with an advertisement in the bottom of the video itself.

My free channel:  The configuration of a free channel on YouTube is done through the user account. Once logged in, we can see in the upper part of the window that the option “My Channel” is presented within the options of the service and we click on it.

In response we see another window in which we chose the option “Channel configuration” and in it we request three groups of fields to configure: Design, Information and Configuration and Tabs. We will fill them according to our convenience and we have an own channel to upload our videos soon.

Promoted videos:  this is a new advertising possibility of promotion in Adwords-You Tube. Advertisers compete to get a top and bottom position as a result of YouTube video search (just like AdWords appears in conventional Google searches), while normal results appear in the central area of ​​Google. the screen.

To use this tool we consider four basic steps: a) Create the promotion of the video, in which we choose the video to promote, write a text about it and select the keywords (very important) that will activate it; b) launch of the campaign, allowing the promotion of the video together with the relevant search results according to the context in the position indicated above; c) the customer pays only when the video is viewed by the user, does not pay for the fact of appearing in the promotion list and d) monitoring and analysis through the YouTube Insight application obtaining detailed information on demographic data, traffic sources, etc.

To start a campaign in Adwords with promoted videos we must go here

Advertising on YouTube videos:  this form is the classic appearance of an Adwords ad banner at the bottom of a video viewed on YouTube. To achieve this we must first set the campaign to display ads on the Display Network (comprising YouTube, Blogger, Gmail and Google partners through Adsense on all websites).

To contract an AdWords banner within a video, proceed by accessing your account in AdWords, or if you do not create it; select the campaign or ad group where you consider placing the video ad; select the “Ads” tab. A menu in which you select “New ad” will be dismissed; then select Display Ad Builder; click on the category Media and channels> Video and look for a video display ad template.

You can go to the right of the screen observing how your banner is structured within the video. Fill in the required fields of the template and upload the video or image you have chosen. Finally, when you are satisfied with what you preview, click Save the ad.