Baby Naming Customs In Different Parts Of The World

Baby Naming Customs In Different Parts Of The World

‘What’s in a name?’ This famous quote of Shakespeare is really appropriate for this article. Babies are one of the best incidents in a couple’s life. Every proud parent names them based on love and care. But, the world is a huge place. Different cultures are present in the world. Each culture has different languages and customer. Hence, babies name are different in every country you may visit. The name is the identity of a human. He or she is known to the world by this name. So, parents always try to name their children with the best option available. Many countries have different customs for naming. This article will allow you to know more about the naming ceremony in different countries in the world.

  • Ireland: Names are given according to birth order.

In Ireland, children usually named in the order they are born. They usually get named after their grandparents or parents or other family members. The firstborn baby boy in an Irish family gets named after his paternal grandfather. The second boy is named after the maternal grandfather. The third son gets his father’s name and the fourth son gets his newest uncle’s name.

For girls, it is opposite. The firstborn girl is named after her maternal grandmother. The second girl gets her name from her paternal grandmother. Third girl child gets her name from her mother. Baby middle names are not that much popular in recent times. Middle names have lost their golden ages in Ireland.

  • Magnolia: Names to scare the devil

In Magnolia, there was generally only one name without surnames. But gradually they also started using surnames. Often the names were used to scare the devil away from the child. Most Mongolian parents used to lose one son or daughter during childbirth. Hence, they named their next child in names like munnokhoi ( vicious dog) or khunbish ( who is not human) so that the devil does not take this child away). Odd isn’t it?

  • Bali: names in birth order

In Bali, people do not think too much over the meaning fuss. People in Bali name their child according to their birth order. They have some pre-chosen names for this purpose. First, the born child is usually named Putu, Gede, Nengah or Wayan. The second child is named either Kadek or Made. Third born babies are named Komang or Nyoman. All fourth-born children are named Ketut. So, you will find numerous Wayan, Gede or Komang or Made in Bali. Middle name ideas are not popular here.

  • India: Names are based on sign and other things

In India, the naming process differs in each region. People in the northern part usually name their child on a letter of the name of constellation he or she was born under. In southern India, often a child gets after the constellation. In eastern India, nothing like this happen. Parents choose a name which they find suitable or good or interesting.

Generally, all over the world, one rule is quite common.naming after a celebrity or a famous person. Parents often name their children on a famous celebrity or incident.

Therefore, naming rituals in different countries are crazy and confusing at times. But these names are the identity of the children.

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