FruitToday rewards ORC for its mobile app developed by Pro Solutions

The fruit industry magazine, Fruit Today, has awarded the Estrellas de Internet award to the best mobile app for our client, the Orri Mandarino Producers Association, Orri Running Committee (ORC). The award-winning mobile application, developed by Pro Solutions, is the first app that identifies authorized parcels of citrus farms specifically the ORRI mandarin variety, allowing the user know those exploitations that are irregular.

How the mobile app works

Based on the mobile geolocation the APP allows you to identify the plots of the Orri sublicensed variety in the field for production. Those interested can try it in a simple way, since Orri App is within reach of the associates of the Orri Running Committee (ORC). In particular, the user of the mobile app only has to stand near the plot that he wants to identify and open the application that will geolocate his position.

On the mobile device will appear an aerial view of the user's position that should point to the screen of the smartphone the plot you want to identify. At that time, the application itself will tell the user if the parcel consulted is authorized by a sub-license of TEO (The Enforcement Organization, S.L., Master licensee of the Orri variety for Spain and Portugal). Afterwards, the application will ask a series of simple questions to expand the information to be reported, and even a photograph can be included.

The ORC associates can download the application in the Play Store (Android), App Store (Ios) or in the ORC website. The information of the identified parcels is sent automatically, via Internet, to a database of the Association, which manages this information in a completely anonymous manner, leaving the user exempt from any type of confirmation, ratification or verification of the information sent.

In the case of not having Internet coverage at the time of consultation, the application also allows storing the information, which is sent automatically at the time when the terminal already has Internet coverage. The application has been developed by Pro Solutions at the request of the ORC.

Internet Stars Award to the best application

The Internet Stars Awards are granted every year during the Fruit Attraction event by the magazine specialized in the sector , Fruit Today. In these awards, can participate as candidates those companies that have launched actions or campaigns Online Marketing whose results correspond to the period October 2016-September 2017.

Companies can be registered in one or more categories, depending on the actions made. The different options are: Online Company of the Year, Best online campaign, Web + Social, Best e-commerce, Best App, Best Blog, Best Facebook page and best # Twitter. In this case, our client has competed for the prize for the best mobile app and finally, he has won the prize and the work of the Pro Solutions programming team has been recognized.

There are no better references than those we have leave customers, and help ORRI win a prize for the design and programming of the best app in the fruit and vegetable sector, is a great reward for us. If you need help to design a mobile app, we are the team you need. Contact us and we will be happy to help you.