If your dog usually barks a lot we give you some tips

If your dog usually barks a lot we give you some tips

If your dog often barks often you may need to know some tips on how to stop the dog from barking. There are points that if you put into practice you can make your dog calm down a bit.

 dog usually barks

There are some breeds that have more facility to bark. Guard dogs, dog terriers and even some small dogs have characteristics that can make it easier to bark.

We can not forget that most of the dogs live in populated areas and, therefore, need as much as possible to maintain silence.

You must not take into account the barking of dogs that aims to attract the attention of their owners.

Dogs euphoric to see their owners arriving from work, and when they bark to see strangers.

If the dog usually barks too much here are some tricks

When your dog starts barking for one of the reasons cited above, try to interrupt the barking sequence by drawing attention through another activity, can use toys to remove attention, for example.

A trick to make the dog stop barking or make the dog beat less is to use a hand gesture along with a strong word like "no."

Or "quiet" and not paying attention to your dog until he stops insisting on barking.

A very effective solution is undoubtedly the use of the necklaces antiladrido .

The collar has a device attached to the collar, moved to the battery, which is activated when the vibrations of the vocal cords are felt.

When the dog beats, upon receiving the vibrations the device emits a sound.

This sound bothers the dog, which tends not to pull to avoid hearing the sound.

The intensity of the sound can be altered.

Remaining up to a minimum volume that does not disturb both the volume but still produces the anti-browning effect desired by the owner.

The electrostatic model SportDog SBC-18 antiladridos is not activated by noise, but by the vibration of the vocal cords.

This collar antiladridos works in mode [19459] 008] manual and automatic . It combines the advantages of both systems and lacks the drawbacks of the two.
You choose between three impulse categories: high, medium or low, and the collar takes care of everything else.
Within each of these three categories the collar will automatically select between six levels the most suitable to silence your dog with the least possible impulse.

When the dog barks, howls or growls, the collar provides the lowest boost of the category you have chosen.

If he continues to bark, the collar will level up.

Until the animal decides it does not pay to keep barking and keeps quiet.

You will not bark again, while wearing the collar.

In Eletropolis you will find a wide range of anti-bark collars of various brands such as Patsafe ] Dogtrace Yatek and much more.