What is the largest inflatable mattress in the world?

What is the largest inflatable mattress in the world?

An inflatable mattress of infinite dimensions, fantasy made reality of any child, and also, that of any adult wanting to feel like a brat for a day. We do not want to disappoint you, but the only infinite thing in life is the universe, so that inflatable castle of your dreams must wait to become reality.

The 3 biggest inflatable attractions in the world

you can make do with these three inflatable attractions, considered as the largest in the world and in which we assure you that you will lack legs and lungs to cross them jumping, do you want to know what they are?

Sacrilege, the most impressive inflatable mat

Created by the British artist Jeremy Deller, Sacrilege is not only the largest inflatable mattress in the world (its surface has more than 1,000 square meters ), but it is a full-size replica of the emblematic monument Megalithic Stonehenge but in inflatable format, without a doubt, an excellent idea for the little ones to have fun jumping and ignite their curiosity one of the most important architectural heritages in the history of humanity.

This attraction is constantly touring the world (the last time he was in Spain was in Madrid in 2015) so that People from all countries can enjoy it for free. Although if you are interested in the rental of inflatable mats for the organization of an event, you can always contact their creator, maybe they will price you.

Here you have a video with which you will be amazed! Sure you want to go to the city where you are this month to try it:

The Beast, a giant American track

With that name already imposes some respect, but it is that in person really impresses. The Beast is a kind of giant American track ( 272 meters long that can be extended with new obstacles in the course) located in Belgium and that has capacity to host the jumps, races and cartwheels of 400 people .

The only possible fault (which will depend on the purchasing power of each one) is the rental price, which goes from 5,995 euros a day although the main problem will be to find him Hollow in your garden. To give you an idea …

you would need more than two football fields to be able to install this attraction properly.

If you are willing to pay what is worth and if you have the space to shelter, you just need to know that the minimum age to use it is 10 years, although the company that manages it wants it to be considered an attraction for adults.

The Big Bounce America

We have already known the largest American track in the world and the largest inflatable mat in the world, we only have to do the same with the largest inflatable castle on the planet, and that is The Big Bounce America.

Located in the United States it is specifically in Florida where more party is taken out in the numerous events that take place there, it is 1 .800 square meters of pure fun and color for all ages An inflatable attraction composed of hundreds of mini-attractions that delight those who live on the other side of the Atlantic puddle.

To give you an idea of ​​what we have told you, nothing better than seeing it yourself:

Of course … one pass, right? With which of the three would you stay?