Tips To Avoid Losing Customers In An On-Line Store

Tips To Avoid Losing Customers In An On-Line Store

There is no doubt at this point of the events that online sales are a reality that will continue to gain space in the world of commercial exchanges, and that somehow the company that does not sell on the Internet is doomed to disappear from the commercial world . Based on this, and taking this as a paradigm, it is necessary to take rational steps, and begin to study thoroughly each step that is required to make a purchase-sale through an Online Store as a way to improve the operation in a way that does not miss any client because of it on our site.

Analyzing big decisions until we get to the details, we will say some considerations that must be taken into account when deciding the design of our site that will be the Online Store. For example, it is not convenient to develop the site using Flash technology , because we will find the problem that our Store will not be seen by mobile devices, such as smartphones, one of the fastest growing means of Internet browsing. In this way we would be losing a significant number of potential clients and with them sales, for which it is convenient not to use this technology for more than to present colorful presentations in our store or as an alternative to have a special design to navigate with smartphones.

Going into the operative of the purchase process, statistical data have emerged from companies specialized in the computer world, as is the case of Forrester, which indicate that 11 percent of customers who visit On-Line Stores, abandon it when they are ask that they register to make a purchase in it. That is to say that this requirement is extremely unpleasant for the client, which is why it is necessary to avoid it and obtain the data in another way. Losing one in ten customers is not acceptable considering that we can allow the purchase without registration and request the necessary data for the delivery of the merchandise when the customer is in the process of purchase or checkout. Another way may also be to register through your Facebook profile, which is much friendlier.

Another fact to keep in mind so as not to lose customers is to consider the most popular payment systems. Allow the client to pay with what is most comfortable for him. For example, a study indicates that 12 percent of buyers in OnLine Stores pay through PayPal. This information has to be seriously considered, because we can lose a sale for not having this form of payment, it is more one in ten purchases, for which it is essential to have it. On the other hand 10 percent of people in Spain pay cash on delivery and 5 percent per transfer; It would be an error and customers would be lost if only payment by credit card is allowed.

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