The reasons why you develop a good visual identity

The reasons why you develop a good visual identity

We live surrounded by brands, advertising and calls to action from companies that want to make us a proposal. Every day it costs more to differentiate from the rest of the market and therefore, digital marketing strategies are fundamental and can help us achieve our business objectives. Thus, we encourage you to work on your visual identity and we give you the 10 fundamental reasons to do so.

This is your image

There is nothing more important than the image of your company in a campaign of marketing and digital marketing . And you must know how to take care of it as well as communicate it. A correct visual identity will manage to convey a good image for your clients and to capture new ones. Remember that your image is your cover letter and you must know how to transmit the soul of your company. Communicate with personality and improve your reputation

Transmit your essence

Develop a good visual identity is essential because it is the best way to transmit your values, your philosophy and the essence of your brand. Every detail to take into account is important because it indirectly affects the perception that third parties have of your business. The objective must be to achieve an original, differentiated image with personality and that will attract the attention of the public you want to reach.

A picture is worth a thousand words

Communicating with images is much more effective so that users can know the services and products of your company. Nowadays, the users of the network consume much more visual and audiovisual material than writing. In addition, it is much easier to stand out from the competition with a striking image than with a well-crafted commercial text.

Visual identity: create your brand book

Developing a visual identity is not creating a corporate logo ]but all the corporate image of your company, that is, your work material, your business cards, your line of visual communication in social networks, the documents for internal use. You have to be very precise, and we are. Elaborate logos, corporate image, corporate material such as folders, cards, flyers, supports, advertising supports, email marketing

Video is king in current communication

The corporate videos are more fashionable than ever. Communicate with short, concise, original and attractive videos. An original way to convey the message you want. To reach the audience of s. XXI you have to use the channels of s. XXI

Reduce expenses

If you create a homogeneous visual identity that is adaptable to all communication channels and internal and external documents, you will save time structuring the work and, therefore, reduce costs.