The perfect guide for your move to go wrong and be a failure

The perfect guide for your move to go wrong and be a failure

Since everyone writes style articles "Tips to make a move", "How to make a move and not die trying" or "Wow! The most incredible steps for a move to come out great ", we will be the exception. In this way, you will learn in the best way what you should not do in a move and also, we will all laugh a little. What can go wrong? Right, you guessed it: your move. Now seriously, let's see what is really what you have to do to make your housing move a total failure.

3 steps to make your move a disaster and die trying

By chance life, we know several particular cases (out of respect, we will not give names) of removals in San Juan de Alicante that are the perfect paradigm of what should not be done under any circumstances during a housing transfer. Therefore, we will follow your trail to show you what you can do to make your move wrong. Follow these steps and everything will turn out worse, not the following.

Do not hire a moving company

Total, why, right? Surely if you put everything in a bag, you can mix the clothes with the dishes and so everything will be more secure, sure you manage. Going to hire a moving company is without a doubt the best option so that all your furniture and appliances arrive totally destroyed or at least, in poor condition to your new home. In the best case, you will have known how to disassemble them, but once in the new house, you will be lazy to start the assembly again and you will postpone it weeks and weeks, or you will mount them badly, you will end up hurting yourself with the hammer or you will finish having to hire the services of a carpenter, and what seemed to be the most austere measure, will end up being the most expensive.

Do not plan anything

Do not ever order anything in bags or buy the protective material necessary for the trip, the best option is to improvise on the fly so when you get to your new home you will not know where everything is, it will take days and even weeks to order everything ( and in throwing things that have come broken) and you have achieved, your move will have been a complete failure.

Do not ask for days off at work

Sure you can perfectly combine your schedule and responsa labor with the light process involved in moving. You will sleep, total, having a good rest is overrated. Without a doubt, this is the best option to give you dizziness or faintness and be closer to death in the attempt to change your home. You can even get a combo, since due to accumulated fatigue, your performance at work will decrease and your boss will end up firing . What can go wrong? Exactly: your move and everything in general.