The keys to preparing your Christmas marketing campaign

The most familiar, tender and generous dates of the year arrive. Christmas is a time marked on the calendar not only for families, but also for businesses, which often manage to put their accounts in positive numbers thanks to this last push.

Therefore, any digital marketing strategy that is precie, you must have a game for Christmas, and if your business does not yet have a strategy, this is the best time of year to get it going.

To help you, today we give you the keys to Christmas marketing and everything you must consider a campaign on these dates.

What is your best product?

Christmas is characterized by an increase in sales, and if you do analysis, you will know what products are the best you have sold at parties previous Christmas.

This analysis will help you understand consumers and tell you which of your products are the best valued by customers.

Once done, you'll know what to focus on. Christmas marketing campaign

Uses attractive calls to action

Although the trade goes crazy at this time of year, consumers get too much information and sometimes overdo it. Make attractive calls to action that get the attention of customers and get them to your web page.

Create 2 × 1 coupons, offers, discount codes through email marketing or special and advertising prices in your blog, on social networks and in all digital environments

It's time to activate your contacts

Christmas is here and it's time to inform your contact list of the offers your business proposes with a good email marketing strategy

Take advantage of a Christmas greeting to your customers to offer products or discounts.

Remember that creativity is the key. You must differentiate yourself from your competition to attract the attention of customers. It offers something striking or stands out with a powerful message.

Christmas is solidary

Corporate Social Responsibility is one of the keys to consumer confidence in a brand. In addition, it is a very good way to contribute your bit to society and communicate.

Solidarity is triggered at Christmas, and although we should not forget at any time of the year, these dates are good to participate in proposals for solidarity or offer customers services in which part of the price is used to help others.

Take advantage of Christmas to become a caring and conscientious company and do not get out of the car when the holidays are over!

Loyalty to your customers

Loyalty programs work. Users study well the ways they have to improve their conditions. So at Christmas you must improve your loyalty program and be aggressive. Everyone buys more than one gift. How nice it would be to trust you for all Christmas gifts. ¡Fomentalo!

If you want us to help you start up a marketing campaign for this Christmas, do not hesitate to get in touch with us as soon as possible.