The development of children's vision is essential for their growth

The development of children's vision is essential for their growth

Today in our post we will talk about the vision care of children. Vision, such as walking and speech, develops during the first years of growth. The visual perceptions of the baby are reduced and it is sensitive to light.

 the vision of children

But it is only between 6 and 8 months that it adjusts to visual coordination.

The total vision of the baby and young children only develops over time, through constant exercise.

Up to three years, the brain is not yet fully developed, so that the development of vision remains flexible, but 5 to 7 years of age is that this development ends.

This coordination and, above all, the visual balance between the two eyes, which later will be extremely important for reading and writing, are function of the development of the child's body movements.

Contrary to what some people think, it is good for the baby to have an object in motion near the eyes.

The vision of children is an issue that we should be attentive [19659009] Although he can not yet distinguish the details, the movements, the shapes and the colors, the fact of manipulating him, will allow him to enrich the visual associations and to develop the coordination of hands and eyes.

Similarly, do not hesitate to place the crib in a well lit and rich in shapes and colors, like, for example, in the living room.

If all goes well, the child 6 or 7 years will have perfectly adapted eyes, which will allow you to see, without fatigue and with clarity, both distant objects and the next ones.

The intake of foods rich in vitamin A, which are part of a diet balanced, it is essential.

From birth, observe if the child is able to fix an object, to follow a person in motion, to grab conveniently in a toy that extends to him , if you are interested in what surrounds you, you are oriented without difficulty in space.

Make your study site well lit, by placing the light sources at a suitable distance.

Parents, in collaboration with teachers, must always be attentive, during the period ODO where children learn to read and write.

Learning disabilities do not necessarily mean that a child has learning disabilities, but can also be an indication that the child simply looks bad.