The Best Way To Sharpen a Chainsaw  Stupid easy!

The Best Way To Sharpen a Chainsaw Stupid easy!

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Despite the fact that there are lots of unique solutions you could use to sharpen your chainsaw, this is the method I have located to be the ideal and easiest.

Stihl’s 2-in-1 file tutorial helps hold your file level and at the suitable angle. It also has a crafted in raker file to assure your rakers are held at the suitable top. There is no longer a cause to operate a boring chain.

A Enormous thank you to Fackler State Gardens for recommending the sharpener to me. They have been the most effective Kubota and Stihl seller any person could inquire for. If you are about Mansfield, Mt Vernon, or Newark/Granville, make positive to stop in and inform them Jared despatched you.

Pferd Sharper (like Stihl)

Stump Vise

Oregon Measuring Instrument

Make certain to observe my chainsaw muffler mod video clips to get the most out of your chainsaws.

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