Techniques (online And Offline) To Attract New Customers

Techniques (online And Offline) To Attract New Customers

Do you want to find new customers for your brand or company? Do you need to open new markets ?. New technologies can help you do it effectively. Therefore, in this article we want to give you four ideas online (and one offline) to attract new customers:

Inbound Marketing: You may have heard about Inbound Marketing but you do not know how to apply it to your company. Actually, when we talk about Inbound Marketing we refer to a series of tools (such as e-mail marketing, content marketing or SEO, among others) that combined depending on each case in particular can help you convert visitors Anonymous of your website in leads (users who register). In clients (generating conversions) and, finally, in prescribers, or what is the same, clients so convinced with your brand or service that they recommend it to their acquaintances. The process is based on working in different channels (social networks, web positioning, Search engine advertising …) under a common strategy and has become one of the main weapons to attract public to a website and get this public translated into loyal customers. The concept was coined in 2005 by Brian Halligan, co-founder and CEO of the marketing software company HubSpot. However, it was not popularized until several years later, when the book was published Inbound Marketing: Get Found Using Google, Social Media, and Blogs , written by Halligan himself and two of his partners.

Traditional merchandising : advertising gifts are a classic in terms of merchandising . But the truth is that they work. If you want to attract new customers to your business, a good way to let you know is through promotional gifts, such as personalized notebooks or advertising pens. These are perfect mechanisms to reach new audiences and potential customers, especially if you go to a fair or event and want to get the most out of your participation in the event. The truth is that, although new technologies provide new methods to attract potential customers, we can not miss the potential of traditional weapons such as merchandising lifelong. The combination of online and offline strategies can be a winning bet to attract new customers.

SEO : SEO or search engine positioning is another weapon to take into account if your goal is to attract new customers for your brand or business. Investing in positioning your website well in search engine results pages is very important in any case, but even more so if we want to attract traffic to our page and make ourselves known to new audiences. Knowing the search intent of our clients (knowing what they type when they want to hire or buy a service like ours) will be the starting point for a good SEO strategy. You can ask a professional to audit your page and recommend improvements, in addition to making a customized strategy for your specific case.

Ads in search engines or SEM : another weapon that new technologies have put at our service to attract customers is search engine advertising. What is known by the acronym in English SEM (Search Engine Marketing). That is, the creation of paid ads for Google to show when someone searches for a service equal or similar to ours. It is what appears at the top of the screen as Sponsored Results when a search is performed. It’s a fast and relatively cheap way (you can adjust the budget of your campaigns), to reach new audiences and attract customers.

Ads on Social Networks : another proposal similar to the previous one is advertising on social networks. That is, ad campaigns on Facebook (or other platforms) for a certain type of audience (that we can predefine previously) to see our advertising. It has the advantage that it is relatively economical when compared to other methods and that it allows the audience to be stratified in a very detailed way. Thus, we can choose which age groups we want our ad to appear to, from which geographical area and also use other variables, such as language or gender.

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