REVIEW: OnePlus 5T

REVIEW: OnePlus 5T

Oneplus is a start-up company that was founded just four years ago. The very first Oneplus One phone has established itself as a “flagship killer”: a phone that will wipe out all iPhones and Samsung Galaxy S. The brand’s reputation is built on a simple equation – producing the same as the Competition, only much cheaper, is it even possible? In this review, we test the Oneplus 5T and there will also be a comparison with the current top devices.

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oneplus 5t review

Parameters and price of the Oneplus 5T

Since the release of the Oneplus 5, but not much time has expired. Does it pay to switch to the 5T? Can the Oneplus 5T equal the Galaxy S8 or LG G6 phones? It is definitely worth considering and we explain why.

After an extremely high-powered phone, everyone probably looks at the first step of the selection. In the second step, he is then forced to reduce the requirements according to his price limit. The Oneplus has always targeted towards the limit, where there is a minimum of compromise with the leaders in the market, but the price can be much lower. And the model of the 5T is no exception.

The Oneplus 5T is a superbly equipped smartphone that’s perfect for gaming, multimedia, work and more. This fits perfectly with the frameless design, large display and performance, two slots for the SIM cards and a reliable support for the updates.

Parameters of the Oneplus 5T vs Oneplus 5 vs Samsung Galaxy S8

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Packaging and accessories of the Oneplus 5T

The Oneplus 5T has come a long way, so do not be surprised if it arrives in a durable box – you could just sit there. Inside you will find less than you might expect from the dimensions. In addition to the phone itself, you will only remove a charger and cable from the packaging.

And you will definitely use them too. Not for the reason that you could not get a USB-C cable anywhere else or you could not use another charger, but the included support Dash Charge, currently the fastest charging technology. There are no headphones in the package contents from the manufacturer, but you should not mind, because the Oneplus can offer you a normal headphone jack.

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Workmanship and ergonomics of the Oneplus 5T

Although the Oneplus has never had a definite and remotely identifiable design handwriting, though some elements were repeated in the previous generation. They could distinguish the Oneplus by the sliding button for the selection of the audio profiles of other mobile phones, were typical also always the sensor keys for the navigation under the display, which were divided by a fingerprint reader.

We say they were, because the Oneplus 5T differs immensely from its predecessor. It can be said that everything essential has changed. The traditional smartphone has become an advanced device that does not want to play the second fiddle. The Oneplus 5T has turned into a frameless design, with some major changes related to it.

The most important is an enlargement of the display. After a long back and forth around a 5.5 “diagonal, the last generation has taken a step towards a 6″. This now covers 80% of the phone’s surface, so the total size has changed only minimally between the years. The navigation buttons under the screen including the fingerprint reader had to give way. We will find you on the back of the phone.

More of the other elements found no place on the front panel – just the receiver, the status diode, front camera and proximity sensor. Despite the dimensions of 151.1 × 75 × 7.3 mm, the Oneplus 5T in the hand acts as a relatively subtle device. The older generations were much more powerful.

The upper edge is pure and at the same time the sides of the smartphone look the same. It’s just a game of light and shadow, which is the dual SIM slot for the nano-format and the shutdown button masked. These can be found on the right side, the volume control and the audio profiles can be found on the left. Because of the thin profile of the phone but the keys are relatively narrow, which is not exactly beneficial for the ergonomics and especially the shutdown is a bit cumbersome. There is nothing fundamental, but a clear click would be better. Below you will find a speaker, a USB-C plug and a 3.5 mm jack for headphones. As a result, it simply lasts long enough to listen in your pocket and you also already have to hold the cell phone in the ready to use position without having to turn the device.

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The display of the Oneplus 5T

For the top smartphones of 2017, a high QHD resolution was typical. Note, however, that support for saving modes has also spread at the same speed, reducing the resolution. The assumption that a higher resolution is automatically better has gotten small cracks.

The Oneplus seeks no extremes and uses an OLED display with a probably atypical resolution of 2 160 × 1 080 pixels. It’s essentially a classic Full HD, with a strip added to the navigation buttons on the display, giving the screen an 18: 9 aspect ratio. Its edges are not rounded like the Galaxy S8, so you do not get the feeling that the phone is unnaturally stretched – the resulting effect is closer to the classic ratio of 16:9.

What about the Oneplus 5T with the color representation? The OLED panel has a perfect black, as is traditional with this technology. The individual shades can differ. The colors are very vivid in standard mode, warmer in the sRGB profile, and richer in the DCI-P3. You can also choose the color temperature manually or set it to adaptive mode, as we did. It worked without any problems. We never had the feeling that the colors were unnatural.

A welcome feature is also the ambient display, so the display of the basic information on the off screen, or on a black background – to save energy. Nothing prevents you from turning off these notifications and adjusting the colors of the notification diode, but any additional option is an advantage. And the Oneplus is generous in variety: it can adjust the intensity of the vibrations for different events, the read mode can be activated, where the colors are muted in gray shades, a blue light filter can be turned on or even the colors of the Change user environment between a light dark topic. We recommend performing this step as soon as possible

Performance of the Oneplus 5T

What is the most powerful mobile phone of the present? That’s hard to compare, but the Oneplus 5T is a hot candidate for first prize. The Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor is a piece of hardware that gets everything running on Google Play. This MSM8998 chip uses 8 Kryo with a maximum frequency of 2.45 GHz with the support of the Adreno 540 graphics accelerator and DSP Hexagon 682. The only competitor of this beast is the Exynos 8895, which wins in some benchmarks, but the differences with the Snapdragon are minimal.

In the final spurt, the Oneplus 5T relies on superb 8GB of RAM. Although it seems that you cannot fill such a large memory, do not forget that it will not take long and the 4GB most used by the competition will be a minimum for Android. By the way, just a year and a half ago, a 2GB of RAM was above standard and today they are a necessary minimum.

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It must be added, however, that an 8 GB RAM is found only in the mobile phone with an internal memory of 128 GB. The cheaper version with a 64 GB memory has “only” 6 GB available, which is more than enough.

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Oneplus has given up shopping via invitations, but shopping with Amazon is still easier.


Battery and life of the Oneplus 5T

In a thin phone does not fit a huge battery. On the other hand, a large diagonal means that you did not have to save so much. The result is a decent compromise with a value of 3,300 mAh, which keeps the phone running all day. You can chat, surf the net or check Facebook, listen to music or watch movies and if you’re not going to use the phone all day long, you can expect a reserve of around 30% in the evening. While this will not be enough for the whole of the next day, it’s nice to know that you will not completely disappear from the digital world should the bus drive you away.

The Oneplus 5T still has an ace up its sleeve. It’s not the wireless charging, but Dash Charge. This is currently the fastest technology to quickly replenish energy. It’s not as common as quick charge, but it works very smartly – the supplied charger “chews” the power out of the socket to allow it to get into the battery in a more digestible form, as the physics teacher would call it In the first case, most of the heat builds up in the battery of the phone, in the second case, most of it already takes the charger on.

If we skip the physics, the resulting effect is important. Dash Charge will charge the Oneplus 5T in half an hour from zero to 59%, after 60 minutes the display will show 93%. It will seem to you as if the percent jump up right in front of your eyes and 10 minutes on the charger mean a huge difference. I would say that the fast charge has dissuaded me from charging the phone overnight.

The only downside to the Dash-Charge technology is its compatibility. They are limited to accessories of the brand Oneplus or Oppo; in other cases you will not reach these impressive values.

Operating system and software of the Oneplus 5T

The time of massive graphics on Android is over. The trend is noticeable in many brands and the Oneplus is just another proof. The Android 7 Nougat itself has many functions, so there are fewer and fewer reasons for major modifications.

The OxygenOS used on this phone adds just a little thing that does not threaten compatibility, but fits well. I have already mentioned the support of the graphic themes, other changes are less visible, but all the more pleasant. I could mention the Configurator of the navigation bar, which allows you to add actions – for a short press, long press, and tap and even swap the Back and Last App buttons. A matter of course is the waking up of the mobile phone by tapping the display and damaging the ringing when turning the phone. But how many phones can use a switched off display for the controller? It’s incredibly addictive to play songs back and forth by drawing an arrow, or turn on the camera by recording a circle.

Practical would also be the switching on and off of the device, the selection of audio codecs for the transmission of music via Bluetooth 5 in higher quality or preventing unwanted touches in the bag.

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If you remember the first Oneplus One, remember the dispute between the CyanogenMod community and the Oneplus. The whole CyanogenMod project was raised under the name LineageOS. But it has nothing in common with OxygenOS in Oneplus – except the pure Android, enriched by a few practical improvements. In the Chinese distribution, the operating system is significantly modified, because the OxygenOS was supplemented by the HydrogenOS system.


An often mentioned feature is unlocking through facial recognition. The inspiration of the iPhone X is clear. It should be noted that Android can do this for several years, although in poorer quality. Android had plenty of time to work out, so I decided not to treat the Oneplus 5 5T to anything. Unfortunately, there is not much room for criticism: the camera will recognize you in vertical and horizontal mode, it is not even wrong if you put on a hood and glasses, it also recognizes you at the bus stop in the evening. Only at night the glow of the display for illumination of the face was no longer sufficient.

A weaker point is just the implementation in the operating system. The phone unlocks immediately after it detects you, so you skip the notification screen. Sometimes it works, sometimes not. The second limitation is the usable tracking distance, which is in a zone about 50-30 cm from the face. Since you will not see the display from a different distance, you will rarely be asked for an alternative method of verification.

The camera of the Oneplus 5T

The camera is very often the part that separates the wheat from the chaff. The dual lens on the back raises a lot of expectations, especially after the results of the previous generation of the Oneplus 5. While the fifth generation used the second lens for optical zoom, the 5T has it only for playthings with the depth of field and in the photos too little light. Both lenses have an aperture of f / 1.7 and differ only by the resolution (16 and 20 megapixels).

Most notably, you will notice it when you capture a photo of the same scene in the camera’s app, just once using the zoom. At this moment it is clear that only a digital zoom is available and it is only a part of the original.

That does not change the fact that the Oneplus 5T can take pictures. The level of detail is good and rich in contrast, if you try, the color representation is natural. Contrary to the more expensive competition, it is not enough just to focus and press the trigger. You have to stick with it a bit, because the exposure time is often a fraction of a second longer than it would be necessary, resulting in minor blurring. In the original size, a slight blurring of the colors can be detected, which is clearly visible when photographing the nature or panoramic shots. The absence of optical stabilization is a major drawback in this case. In macro mode, the phone can inspire again.

The video does not lack the OIS; the electronic stabilization serves its purpose. Movies and clips can be recorded in a resolution of 1 280 × 720 pixels, Full HD at 30 and 60 frames per second and 4K at 30 fps. At the highest quality I measured the bit rate around 40 Mb / s, which is almost the same as the third generation GoPro cameras. Too bad that the camera uses the H.264 codec, with HEVC the videos would take up less space.

The Oneplus has a relatively specific attitude when taking selfies. In the basic photo mode can be switched to the 16MP front camera and automatically smooth the face, at the same time activate the special portrait mode when wiping to the side, which performs the same function, but does not allow manual intervention.

OnePlus 5T camera roll

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Review and comparison of the Oneplus 5T with the competition

If you are looking for a top smartphone, the Oneplus 5T is a device that could and should inspire you. The compelling hardware has more than enough power, so you will not need an upgrade for the next three years. The fast charge is a thing that does not worry at first, but expires after trying it out for the first time. The OxygenOS is Android in a simple and simple form, which allows quick updates. Yes, the version of the 8.0 Oreo is already available for the Oneplus 5T! Even the fans of the classic headphone jack will be pleased. The frameless display ensures enthusiasm for probably all users.

Does the Oneplus 5T have any disadvantages at all? A few are already to be found. The biggest is the resilience. No IP68 or 67 certification, the phone fears the water like the devil crosses. The second negative is the absence of a memory card slot. The difference between the 64 and 128 GB variant is not as striking as the iPhone, but on a micro SD for the same price just fits more. As a third negative, I would mention the camera, which I would rate as “very good.” While she is the champion of all smartphones, she still lags behind in the duel with the top.

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  • Excellent performance
  • Vivid and large screen
  • Facial recognition amazingly fast
  • Rear & front camera performance is great
  • OxygenOS feature and frequent updates
  • Extreme slim
  • Minimal frame
  • Lightning fast charging
  • Great battery backup



  • Facial recognition is not secure as compared to iPhone X
  • No microSD slot
  • Lack of increased resistance
  • Less no. of service centers
  • Unused potential of the camera
  • Front Camera is slightly better on Honor View 10


Surely you will also be interested in the conditions of the Oneplus 5T with the competition. As the biggest opponent we would nominate the LG G6. It’s cheaper, a bit weaker, but the design also scores with a frameless display. The Oneplus 5T will choose the one who wants a brutal performance, but does not consider the camera and enhanced durability as its priority. A more expensive challenger is the Samsung Galaxy S8, which is beating its Chinese rivals’ resilience, display resolution, and support for memory cards, but is dwarfing operating system usability and the speed of updates. All three competition phones are very good and your choice will only depend on how much you want to pay and what parameters are the most important to you.

The Oneplus 5T is a superbly equipped super smartphone that masterfully balances on the limit of cutting edge trends and benefits of conservative attitudes. In the field of innovation, it benefits from the combination of a 6″ AMOLED display with a frameless case, offers uncompromising performance, the operating system is excellently optimized and you will love the fast charge the use of an aluminum surface instead of glass.

This phone will especially appeal to those who want a powerful phone, are looking forward to frequent updates, and enjoy the smart technologies, but the Google attitude to the Nexus / Pixel series has disappointed them, whether due to price or design.