Parental control: What is it? What is it for?

Parental control: What is it? What is it for?

Those who have minor children at home, the use of computers and smartphones, becomes a concern. With parental control that is no longer a concern for adult parents and educators.

 parental control In this article, we will talk about a subject, most of the time unknown by adults.

Today in day, most families have a computer at home that is shared among the various members of the family: father, mother and children. Some families may have equipment for each member.

Regardless of the case, when it comes to giving a computer or a mobile to a minor, it is necessary to have some control over the use of these devices. This supervision must be done by an adult, father, mother or older brother.

What is parental control?

Parental control allows parents and educators to prevent children and adolescents from accessing inappropriate content for his age.

Parental control is found in all the devices we use, such as computers, tablets smartphones Smart TVs video games – Xbox, PlayStation etc.

Google has options that enable parental control, for example, on YouTube.

This idea comes from Windows XP. But in Windows 10 it became more sophisticated.

In the current operating system of Microsoft you can define the hours your child can use the computer and navigate with access restrictions to certain sites, see the sites you have opened, give authorization in certain tasks such as buying games, etc.

For example, when you log in to your Netflix account.

Choose the Kids option so that you only see content appropriate for your age.

Making Internet a safe place for our children is in our hands.

No doubt parental control is to protect our children of all content that is not appropriate for them.