My three best techniques to triple sales on Amazon this year

My three best techniques to triple sales on Amazon this year

Yes, I know. It sounds a bit sell this headline but how in this content I'm not going to sell anything I'm going to let you use it.

Going from 19,000 euros of turnover in December of last year to more than 50,000 euro in 2018 are certainly big words. I do not know if I can get it either but I do not want to make it too easy.

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It's incredibly complicated to have a balance between different sales channels. I'm almost pushing the online store a lot now, so Amazon has been suffering a bit. At the inventory level I still have not reached 40,000 euros (sales value) so there are still many pending shipments to have at least the theoretical possibility of those 50,000 euros in December that will undoubtedly be the strongest month of the year.

Increase the number of listings

It is clear that if you want to reach certain billing and make use of FBA you must have at least the equivalent value in inventory in the Amazon logistic centers. Apart from sending inventory like crazy we will continue to increase the number of listings. The goal must be to reach and / or exceed the magical figure of 1,000. Right now we are close to 700 so there is still a little bit of road ahead.

Right now, we ship 3-4 shipments to Amazon every week. Possibly we will have to continue increasing this figure to 5-6 to go on track.

Increase prices on Black Friday and beyond

I have put Black Friday in the title but we will do it in general. If I compare the sales data from one year to the next, what has changed is not so much the units sold but rather the average sales price. Before we were below 10 euros and now it is over 13.

It is also true that in Black Friday everything is sold. The "rock" assumes that in Amazon on that date everything is at half price so he loses his head and does not compare anything. I do not participate in the Amazon offers because I'm only taking away margin. I'm going to sell the same but at a better price!

Increase budget in Amazon Ads

Another topic that has worked marvelously last year has been the Amazon Ads. Unfortunately this topic has received more visibility so there will be more competition on these dates. Even so, it will be worth doing and taking a little leeway to increase billing.

E-commerce at the beginning above all consists of taking volume. With the size come scale effects such as better prices, cross-selling or scale effects at the fixed cost level.

How could you see my 3 "secret" techniques have nothing wonderful. I just work hard. It is what it is. If you do not like it, do not start a business … I'll tell you later.

Stay tuned.