Men Rocking Elevator Boots

Men Rocking Elevator Boots


Standing tall among the crowd, elevator boots surely give you enough boost in height to have you walking tall among everyone. Only boot lovers will understand the agreement between trend and social standard when it comes to boots, and by the end of this read, you too will fall in love with elevator boots.

Height is a form of social standard, and most times a pre-requisite for different formal functions, such as job interviews, whereby some jobs may require a particular height for its employees to perform or business meetings that you feel the need to look taller in order to boost your confidence. Social functions and even dates (like blind dates), which according to research, shows that most women are attracted to tall men and increasing your height by a few inches won’t be regarded as deception, besides, first impressions hold water hence you can reveal your real height later if the date is fruitful.

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Any man can be tall with a little tweaking from elevator shoes. Most elevator boots give you about 2 to 5 inches lift; this should add a mix of confidence and elegance, making you feel better for whatever function you have worn your boots for. These lightweight Guidomaggi boots are designed to help lift short people without revealing their secret because the height-increasing concept used in creating these shoes is kept a secret in the insole of the boots. This is not to say that tall men cannot wear these elevator boots, it’s a matter of trend and fashion hence they can freely dive into the trend. Also, wearing height increasing boots does not mean you are lying about your height, at least every day 70% of women slip into their high heels for various functions either formal or casual engagements, and it’s not a big deal so it wouldn’t be a big deal if men too wear elevator boots.

These boots are comfortable, easy to wear, fashionable, and top-notch trendy. They help you stand taller and walk taller with a good posture. Elevator boots are made from different soles, which use materials such as plastic, wood, or rubber. Some boots are made with sturdy soles due to orthopedic problems but the elevator boots are not made significantly for this. There are some frequently asked questions about elevator boots, if they are comfortable, or how comfortable they are for all-day usage. In order to be comfortable when wearing elevator boots, one should first go for high-quality boots and make sure the insoles are full length since this helps to create a good balance. Half-length insoles result in pinching toes and utter discomfort after a few hours of wearing raised shoes. It is also ideal to ensure that you choose raised shoes with soft material on the insole to enhance comfort.

You could wear GuidoMaggi’s Hudson yards brogues for men with formal attire or with casual wear and look perfectly smart. This Italian boot is specially handcrafted from start to finish, with a calf leather painted featuring deep mint green nuance and a durable black sole. The brogues perforation is hand punctured, which adds style and character to the wearer.

Quality boots from Guidomaggi that make men look taller are perfect for any man and any occasion.

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