know the possibilities of advertising through WhatsApp

know the possibilities of advertising through WhatsApp

oy in day, thanks to the role that social networks and information and communication technologies are assuming in the marketing area, companies have been forced to redesign their strategies, implementing new practices for this purpose. allow them to get the attention of the public, such as doing whatsapp marketing .

Therefore, vendors offering support service have emerged on the market through a platform that guarantees the shipment automatic message from the web, as in the case of enviawhatsapps. A web platform to send advertising campaigns and announcements by whatsapp for companies.

What is the whatsapp marketing

It is currently very difficult to know a person who does not use the application of whatsapp on your mobile or even on your pc . And it has become one of the most used means to communicate . For this reason, marketing companies use this tool to ensure they reach all audiences.

In this sense, start implementing the automated whatsapps it offers companies, create a relationship direct with users. So that through this type of campaigns, the gap between author and reader is reduced. Users can interact by giving their opinion about what they read, indicating whether they like it or not, providing companies with valuable information.

In this way, whatsapp marketing strategy, in addition to strengthening the SEO of the company, will give the opportunity to have a means to answer requirements, give support, close appointments, make reservations or sales.

What types of messages can be transmitted through the platform

The good news is that there are no limitations, because you can send all kinds of multimedia files, images, audios, videos, texts and you can even combine them

Text messages may include emoticons, links as well as any document that is important to carry out your campaign.

From the application you can send promotions, catalogs, sales, newsletters, political campaigns, links to websites, sports information, communications to distributors and customers, among many other services.

How to make the Campaign via the WhatsApp mobile or computer

Before starting a campaign, you must have loaded in the whatsapp of the mobile or computer, the list of all contacts. You can load it by importing information from google contacts, gmail, excel or creating new contacts.

Also, to expedite the shipment it is advisable to create groups or lists . With this, locate easily and quickly the contacts you want to address a particular campaign.

Once you have the information loaded, to start a campaign, you must follow the steps specified below:

  1. Define the content that will go inside the message
  2. Select the multimedia file you want to send in the campaign
  3. Select the group, list or contacts to whom you want to send the message.

Once the information has been loaded, just by clicking on the campaign, you select play and the message will begin to be transmitted.

In this demo you will see the operation of the platform that we have mentioned, for sending of automatic messages from whatsapp to lists and groups.

The automatic sending from web allows to simultaneously send between 350 and 500 whatsapp at the time of which you will receive a notification that will indicate if it was sent correctly, so you can be sure of the reception.

In case you need to increase your sending capacity, the platform has the option of include more lines, for example c on two lines you can send 1000 messages and with four lines 2000 .

A quality service always offers technical support

When selecting a good service, a of the most important things is that it provides specialized technical assistance to guarantee the correct functioning of the platform. And it is precisely what enviawhatsapps offers, a great technical support to guarantee that your experience is satisfactory.

Specifications of the advice and benefits offered:

  • Specialized technical personnel : there will always be a team willing to give advice that Allow the customer to know the steps to hire the service and solve incidents. Upon receiving the request, the specialists will take between 12h-72h, to contact the applicant and establish a video conference. During the video conference, the configuration of the account will be done, and it will be ready to be used.
  • Free trial : once the account is configured, you will have the possibility of using the platform for 15 days with unlimited shipments for free . In order to know and be familiar with the best platform of whatsapp marketing.
  • Personal attention and treatment : the customer will have a customer service channel by whatsapp on the computer.
  • Send contacts and lists : to create the contact list, you will receive via email a How to create and import contacts manual to send whatsapp campaigns. You just have to contact them via email at This company is located in La Coruña, specifically in the street Palloza No. 1, floor 19, zip code 15006. In addition through your contact person José González on the phone +34881253606, we will have the opportunity to know the many advantages offered whatsapp to be publicized

This way Enviawhatsapps is the first platform that offers easy, fast and simple self-management software.