If you want your message to arrive, you have to sound like a broken record

If you want your message to arrive, you have to sound like a broken record

Do you know how many people are going to read you when you start posting on social networks? Possibly nobody. That’s one of the reasons.

I do not know if you’ll remember, but … In those days of school, high school and / or university. Do you remember how you got to prepare a subject or exam? The formula of success was simple. The more you went through the materials, the more you withheld and therefore the better grades you were going to get out. For something to “strain”, the key is always in the repetition.

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People need repetition

It’s something to prepare an exam and disseminate marketing messages have in common. The eternal repetition to such an extent that you have the feeling that you sound like a striped record .

There is one thing, do not forgive, several things that you have to be clear about.

  1. What for you (as founder) is 100% clear is light years away for an unknown or call it a potential customer if you want. Sometimes repetition makes you understand even better what you are and refine your speech.
  2. What you say once is not remembered what you say twice maybe starts to sound of something, which repeats by third can be retained for a few days, etc.
  3. Repetition makes us remember . More than ever people forget things for so many new things that there are day after day. Many unconsciously make a mental cleansing where they throw “memories” to make room for new things (yes, I know, “the capacity of the human brain is infinite”, blah … but the reality is different).
  4. Also your team needs repetition . You have to remind them always and every day what you do and how when someone throws a bucket of cold water over their heads at 4 o’clock in the morning they are still able to instantly remember what their company represents.

Channels need repetition

And so far nothing more we have talked about repetition with a person. If you use marketing and communication channels like social networks it is even better understood.

  1. The organic reach on Facebook is not 100%. Therefore what you say once only on average will reach 10% of people or even less.
  2. A tweet in Twitter is not seen by all people either. Despite new notifications, the best opportunity to catch someone is to see them live.
  3. Not all the contents in a blog are going to be read . I could have written about the same in these last 9 years in this blog 20 times without hardly anyone had noticed.

And so we could be following this list infinitely. Repetition is key if you want to reach more people more intensively.

Now. It is clear that when you repeat yourself you must do it creatively. You can say the same but present it differently. It is not a question of burning the audience but of giving them value even by saying the same thing one after another.