How to Put on Dog Costumes for Halloween

How to Put on Dog Costumes for Halloween

Putting a costume on your pup can be tricky, especially when some dogs like dressing up more than others. If your pooch is hesitant towards their costume, there are a few simple steps you can follow to get your pup to love dressing up!

1. Pick A Costume Your Pet Likes

If your pooch has never worn a costume before, there’s a high chance that your dog will be finicky the first time you put a costume on them.

Pick a costume that doesn’t mess with his range of motion like a lion mane or jester collar.

2. Let Your Pet Sniff it Out

Your pooch needs to get better acquainted with their costume so its best to lay the costume down next to him to sniff out what the garment is.

3. Get Your Pet Used to Wearing His Costume

Gradually build up your pet’s tolerance to his costume by putting it on him for a few minutes everyday leading up to Halloween. Make sure the costume fits them comfortably and allows them to move around freely.

4. Give Him Lots of Praise

Just like in regular training, praising your pooch with treats will give him a positive association with his costume.