How to choose the best advertising items for your company?

How to choose the best advertising items for your company?

The great variety of companies currently makes investment in advertising essential. However, there are many ways to make our company known as : online advertising, merchandising, advertising in traditional media or on the street.

Due to the great effectiveness and low cost, it is often opted for merchandising or elaboration of advertising articles for companies .

These items or gifts for customers always have a good reception because they are usually considered as gifts instead of products with advertising from a certain company. That is why there are many options when choosing advertising articles in order to publicize our company or strengthen our image.

Here we propose a series of considerations that you have to take into account when selecting the best advertising items and the most profitable in the market.

1. Always look for practicality

The best gifts are those that are most used because it makes a company always present in the minds of its current or potential customers. It is preferable to opt for articles that are practical to those that are only aesthetically attractive but end up being filled with dust on the shelves of any home or office.

2. Opt for subtle advertising

We usually do not like the gifts of companies where the logo or brand is very visible. That is why it is preferable to place any type of symbol that identifies our company in a subtle and elegant way .

3. Bet on originality

Avoid using advertising articles of conventional companies such as cups, pens or T-shirts stamped with brands and logos.

If you want to choose a pen or cup because you think they are of great practicality, which is usually true, try to design as innovative as possible .

The use of texts that inspire or fill us with positivism are infallible resources to ensure that our advertising articles are always well received.

The gift of articles with company logos is often used to capture the public’s attention in situations such as:

The first purchase with the purpose of welcoming a new customer

Show of gratitude when arriving at a certain number of purchases

Promotion element for certain events

But perhaps you wonder what is really achieved with these gifts from companies to their customers or own workers. The answer is six different actions but they have a great weight in any business strategy: differentiation, transmission of the company’s image, engagement, advertising, networking and selling more .

  • Differentiation from competitors: it is important to stand out from other companies that involve direct competition for ours.
  • Transmission of the desired image: if we give away our articles to a certain type of client, we will be able to give the image that we want to transmit.
  • Creation of engagement: when our customers are happy with our company and receive gifts they will feel appreciated and recommend us to their friends or acquaintances.
  • Advertising of products or services: from the most subtle logo to the most striking our corporate gifts are always very useful tools to advertise.
  • Networking with suppliers and other collaborating companies: by giving useful products to people with whom we have a business relationship we are also reminding them that we appreciate them and we have them in mind.
  • Increase in sales: if the advertising items are selected properly and are also given to current or potential customers, we will check that our sales increase.

We hope this article has been useful for you and you can choose the right advertising gifts for your company.