How red rice helps reduce cholesterol

How red rice helps reduce cholesterol

Bad cholesterol (LDL) is a disease that is growing among the Spanish population. Cholesterol has shot up in the last decade. Another problem is that the majority of the population does not care about this. Currently there are many remedies that help you reduce bad cholesterol . The use of food supplements is gaining more and more ground, seven out of ten Spaniards say they use natural remedies as medicinal plants to treat infections or even to fight cholesterol. In Arganium Natural, online herbalist expert in natural remedies you will find the right food supplements for whatever your circulatory problem.

Therefore there are alternative substances to regulate or reduce cholesterol like the yeast of ] red rice . Its use has become fashionable due to the ability of this p to reduce blood cholesterol and improve circulation . The monacolin K of red rice yeast helps to stabilize and maintain normal cholesterol levels. Therefore, food supplements created with red rice yeast are suitable for people with cholesterol problems.

In addition to its help with cholesterol, red rice is a very nutritious, healthy and nutrient-dense variety besides being very rich in fiber. This type of rice therefore helps reduce bad cholesterol and triglycerides, while increasing good cholesterol. What are you waiting to integrate it into your diet?

Benefits of red rice

As we have already mentioned above, red rice has more benefits besides reducing cholesterol :

  • A lot of fiber. Its high fiber content is ideal for the regularity of our diet. It is composed of complex carbohydrates that are good for our health.
  • Reduces appetite. these carbohydrates will make you feel sated for a greater number of hours. Red rice gives you energy gradually, which the body uses little by little for its functions.
  • Antioxidants. It contains antioxidants that counteract free radicals. Iron and manganese that intervenes in the production of energy for our organism. It avoids aging and cellular degeneration, thus improving our health.
  • Contains zinc. This mineral helps wound healing. It is a liver protector and participates in the action of insulin.
  • Vitamin B6. Relieves states of irritability and decay. It favors the liberation of glycogen, and contributes to transforming fats into energy, so it helps to lose weight. This is all because it helps balance the formation of serotonin.
  • Controls blood sugar levels, because it has a low glycemic index.

Other food supplements that help lower cholesterol

Many are the foods from which we can extract properties that help us to lower bad cholesterol. Here we bring some food supplements that are effective.

  • Garlic extracts : Increases HDL cholesterol in people at risk of cardiovascular disease. It has the benefits of garlic without its unpleasant taste.
  • Artichoke extract : It reduces total cholesterol and therefore bad cholesterol.
  • Fish oil : Its content in omega 3 helps the reduction of triglycerides.
  • Oat bran: we can find it in normal oatmeal and wholemeal. It reduces the total cholesterol and therefore also the LDL cholesterol.