General Brand White Artist’s Tape 1 in. x 60 yd.

General Brand White Artist’s Tape 1 in. x 60 yd.

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Best Seller #1

ProTapes Artist Tape Flatback Printable Paper Board or Console Tape, 60 yds Length x 1" Width, White (Pack of 1)

  • Artist tape- premium flatback paper tape
  • Repositionable and clean removal
  • Leaves no residue and easy unwind
  • High edge tear resistance
  • Measures 60-yards length by 1-inches width by 5.9-mils thickness
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Best Seller #2

PRO ART 1/2-Inch by 60-Yards White Artist Tape

  • White artist tape
  • 1/2-inch by 60-yards
  • Nonglare paper tape
  • Takes all form of writing
  • Acid free
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Best Seller #3

Pro Console Tape/Artist Tape (1" x 60 yard (1 Roll), White)

  • PH Neutral (Acid Free)
  • Adhesive: Synthetic Rubber
  • Total Thickness: 5.8 mils
  • Temperature Range: 40°F to 150°F
  • Tensile Strength: 30 lbs per inch
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Best Seller #4

No-Residue 1 Inch, 60 Yard Masking Tape 1 Pk. Easy-Tear, Pro-Grade Removable Painters Tape Great for Home, Office or Commercial Contractor. Clean, Drip-Free Painting with Wide Crepe Paper Rolls

  • ZERO RESIDUE = EASY CLEANUP! Our pro-grade tape lets you easily mask off walls, carpet and decks before using paint or caulk. Protect floors and borders from dripping without sticky adhesive residue.
  • SUPER EASY TO TEAR, APPLY AND REMOVE. Our painters tape tears easily so you can get the perfect piece quickly each time. When its job is done, it removes cleanly without damaging delicate surfaces.
  • GUARANTEED FOR LIFE. We offer a No-Nonsense Lifetime Satisfaction Guarantee on all of our masking tapes. If at any point you're not 100% happy, just send us an email, and we promise to make it right!
  • MULTIPURPOSE TAPE GREAT FOR AROUND THE HOUSE! This tape is ideal for more than painting walls. Great for art, packaging, office maintenance, auto detailing and labeling kids' school lunch boxes.
  • SAVE MONEY ON YOUR NEXT PAINTING JOB WITH BULK PACKS. Are you a contractor sourcing for indoor paint jobs? A DIY-lover renovating your home? Buy in bulk to get pro-grade painting supplies affordably.
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Best Seller #5

WOD CFTC6 Console Artist Tape White, 1/4 inch X 60 yds. - Flatback Paper Marking/Labeling Tape Residue Free - Acid Free (Available in Multiple Sizes & Colors)

  • EASY TO UNCOVER, DISPENSE, AND APPLY - WOD Artist Tape is easy to peel off, dispense, and install. The natural rubber based strong adhesive of this tape sticks to most of the surfaces with minimal pressure and comes off easily leaving no residue or without damaging rugs, flooring, and wall coverings or paint. WOD CFTC6 hand-tearable tape also fits on the dispenser easily to help measure and dispense each color to exact measurements when needed.
  • GREAT FOR MARKING MOVING BOXES - The bright bold colors and the great adhesive of WOD paper tape are very useful for labeling moving boxes. It can be dispensed or ripped off by hand to color code the corners or other areas of the necessary boxes. Color coded area of a moving box helps the mover identify its whereabouts and place it in the right spot of the house.
  • USE IT FOR YOUR HOME OR OFFICE - Office Tape helps organize storage boxes and is great for decoration enhancements and stationary embellishments. Educational institutes can use it for color coding assignments or curriculum books, making binoculars out of paper towel tubs, marking seat to line up students, and repairing school folders. Other usages are labeling various things for easy identification, wrapping Christmas gifts, creating carpet designs, & binding the edges of cross stitch cloth.
  • CONSOLE TAPE FOR CRAFTY KIDS BEST COMPANION AND DELIGHT - The color variety of this fabulous craft tape sparks the creativity of children. Kids love to use it for making triangles, squares, rectangles. With WOD masking tape, many kids create squares and borders for playing their favorite game Hopscotch. Kids use their creativity to decorate school materials, build cardboard box forts, make little roads on the floor for their cars, and labeling fun art projects.
  • PEACE OF MIND SHOPPING 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE! - We sell Printable Colored Flatback Paper Tape in multiple colors and sizes if you are not satisfied, we will do our due diligence to make sure you are completely satisfied with the product and service. Just send us an email, and we promise to make it right!
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Best Seller #6

ScotchBlue Original Multi-Surface Painter’s Tape,  1.88 inch x 60 yard, 2 Rolls

  • Delivers sharp paint lines
  • Removes cleanly with no residue
  • Does not cause surface damage
  • Applies quickly and easily
  • Easy to use - comes off the roll easily
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Best Seller #7

Alvin, Artist’s Tape, Masking Errors and Labeling Tape, 60 Yard, White - 1/2 Inches

  • MASKING ERRORS - Easy-to-use, white, pressure-sensitive paper tape is ideal for masking errors and making corrections in either ink or pencil and on just about any surface including artwork, photographic negatives, drafting papers, and design boards.
  • NO RESIDUE - Removes cleanly from most surfaces. Leaves no shadow when photocopied.
  • ACID FREE - Bright white and pH neutral. Acid-free. Supplied individually shrink-wrapped.
  • WIDE USES - Label anything quickly with our 1 inch white masking tape that is easy to write on, text is very visible, and the tape will stick to almost all of your household and office surfaces
  • A PROFESSIONAL'S CHOICE - Alvin has been the professional's choice for drafting tools and drawing supplies for over half a century. Since 1950, we have brought quality and value to our customers. Our tools help bridge the gap between ideas and innovations. We are known for our wide selection of high quality tools at a fair price.
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Best Seller #8

XFasten Artisan Masking Tape White, 1 Inches x 60 Yards, Pack of 4 for Drafting and Arts and Crafts

  • Artisan Grade Masking Tape that has medium to high adhesion strength and can be written over with a sharpie or any marker pens. Ideal substitute for drafting and art paper tapes as it has optimal thickness and does not damage the surface finish after removal.
  • Perfect for posting photos, arts and crafts projects, posters, flyers and drawing papers as this adhesive is strong enough to securely hold light materials but can be removed or repositioned later. It does not damage paper surfaces, wash out photo colors and DOES NOT LEAVE ANY STICKY RESIDUE.
  • EMPOWERS THE AVERAGE AMERICAN CREATIVE ARTIST in posting and creating great content as it has a reliable strength and can be managed easily. DOES NOT TEAR, CURL OR STICK UNNECESSARILY and can be cut with bare hands cleanly giving you a MESS FREE INSTALLATION.
  • Ideal for labelling gears, cabinet or shelves as it has a smudge resistant matte finish. Adheres well to textile, metal, plastic, rubber, wood, paper and cardboard. Conformable and sticks well even to textured and contoured surfaces.
  • Adhesive is resistant to water, moisture, dew, and UV. Ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications. Can be used as a painter’s tape as it also provides a strong adhesion, resulting into precise and sharp paint lines if used in paint and automotive jobs.
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Best Seller #9

Masking Tape,Drafting Tape,Beige White Color Acid-Free Painting Tape,Paper Tape, Artists Tape,Labeling Tape for Art and Craft Supplies at Home Office School Stationery (0.7 inch x 55 Yards x3 Rolls)

  • 1.Valuable pack of masking tape: 3 rolls Masking Tape, Each 50 Yards X 0.7Inch; these tapes perfect for art project needed it to mask the paint. It make sure paint doesn't go through.Also it can be written on with pen, pencil, marker ect.
  • 2.Premium adhesive and easy to tear paper tape for painting: Acid-Free adhesive tape can be easily removed with no residue left behind, no need to worry about cleaning up sticky spots on walls after painting or on items that you have labeled.
  • 3.Widly Use of Drafting tape :The eggshell white color is nice for quick decorations for parties ,art and craft projects; Crepe paper backing provides conformability for easy handling and application, easily hand tearable and resists slivering.
  • 4.Tape Application Tips: For great paint results make sure the surface is clean, dry and dust-free so that the tape sticks properly. Next, apply the tape onto the surface while pressing down firmly as you go. And lastly, let the tape set for about 30 to 60 minutes before painting;
  • 5.Tape Removal Tips: Wait until the paint is dry to the touch before removing the tape. Lift it up by slowly pulling it back on itself, then removing at a 45-degree angle.
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Best Seller #10

MyLifeUNIT White Artist Tape for Watercolor and Canvas (1-1/2 Inch x 60 Yards)

  • White artist tape
  • 1-1/2 Inch x 60 Yards and 1-1/2 Inch x 30 Yards two sizes to choose from (36 mm x 60 m and 36 mm x 30 m)
  • Accepts all forms of writing media - painting, gouache, watercolor, sketch, etc.
  • Wet mounting - the tape will be sticky when adding water, spray your paper or canvas wet before use, and then wet the water tape, sticking around the paper then it could be mounted on the display board
  • Repositionable - Non-staining, easy to apply and remove, will not cause surface damage
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