Garrafón rum: how to avoid being cheated

Garrafón rum: how to avoid being cheated

The rum is fashionable in all bars and that makes it also become a drink of the most counterfeit. A counterfeit rum can also be an adulterated liquor and is something that must be known by the population because it is not just about paying too much for a product of poor quality and having a hangover, but that is possible become envenarse when consuming these drinks that have not passed any control .

Check well the bottles they serve

There have been cases of legal premises that, to increase their profit margins, resort to the sale of illegal drinks. It is not always easy to identify these bottles because the originals are always better imitated, but it is good to look at details such as barcodes or cap seals .

If you do not have a code bars, stamps or logos, the bottle will not be original.

Given that another of the most common tricks of these stores is the filling of bottles that are original to avoid identification, note the state of the bottle is the best way to realize if something is not right. These bottles are often filled many times and that makes the appearance of them look somewhat spoiled.

This happens especially with labels, which can get wet with alcohol that spills and wear with the touch of the hands. If the bottles do not look good, it is reason to distrust .

Avoid street vendors or that do not offer the proper guarantees [19659009] In many tourist places it is normal to see street stalls selling alcohol. Some are legal and strictly comply with the legislation, but if you observe suspiciously low prices or you have doubts about the conditions in which they may be selling the beverage is better not to acquire anything in these establishments .

Even more dangerous are the drinks that street vendors offer on the beaches.

We are talking about glasses with different mixtures that have no sanitary control and that many times it is served without the minimum rules of hygiene.
Since the sales are not legal, when the police arrive these vendors hide their merchandise as they can and it is not uncommon to see the glasses, on cardboard boxes, put in a waste container where they are removed again once the authority is gone.