Direction Bay of Somme

Direction Bay of Somme

A few weeks ago it was the birthday of my dear husband with the key, a nice weekend surprise family in the Bay of Somme.
Strikes forced, it was the big decision to find a destination. Objective: exotic, not far from Paris by car, not too expensive, with large houses for rent. It was a long time since the Bay of Somme made me an eye so let's go!

We rented a minibus for everyone, grandparents, parents, children and uncle! We left Paris to settle in a country house very well renovated, well decorated and hyper comfort by 5 degrees like 20 degrees.
When we arrived the fire crackled in the chimney, it was 5-7 degrees and rainy most of the weekend and it was a bit of a storm.
So the little list of the weekend, here it is! In the Bay of Somme we have:

• Cold: after 25-degree days the heat and moisture shock was tough!
• Eat good things, always compensate for bad weather
• Seen with binoculars the seals of Hourdel
• Make a nice walk in Saint-Valery-sur-Somme, pretty little town to see absolutely
• We enjoyed the Vélocipède restaurant in Saint-Valéry whose reputation is second to none: go there with your eyes closed. For info they also rent nice rooms.

• Brave the wind to see the waves on the Cayeux-sur-Mer beach
• Rolled in the rain through the pretty villages to visit and photograph from the open window, impossible to do otherwise …
• Through these windows we walked along the pretty colorful houses pretty amazing … I could not help but think of San Francisco. Too bad that many are in a sorry state
• We had seafood with a view at L'horizon restaurant in Ault

A glimpse of our nice house rented on HomeAway!

• And then the sun came back and we were able to walk in the Authie Bay nature reserve
• We had delicious pancakes at Berck at Le Petit Marin
• And then we spent a little time on the beach of Berck, how to miss these cabins pastel beaches!

My verdict on the Baie de Somme:

This is really a region for nature lovers, our stay was unfortunately too short and too rainy to enjoy it. We could not do the reserve Marquenterre, crotoy walks or the sunset on the bay. But it does not matter we'll come back, it's promised. I found the people lovely, caring and always happy to tell us about their area. It is often said that northerners are nice well it's not a cliché … (unlike traders on the island of D who made me hallucinate as their behavior was limited!)
If you want to go on a seaside getaway from Paris it's really the right place, and it changes Honfleur and Deauville.
A tip: do not forget your binoculars!

Other addresses in the Bay of Somme at French Mômes and favorite for the Instagram profile of a nature guide @Maxguideenbaie!