Digital Marketing And Conventional Marketing, Partners Or Competition.

Digital Marketing And Conventional Marketing, Partners Or Competition.

In recent years, the undisputed development of digital marketing has been observed , also known as electonic marketing and from the appearance of social websites, social marketing. There are a variety of parameters that are irrefutable proof of this, such as the increase of users in social networks, the increase in the presence of major brands in these networks and investment in advertising that consolidates an ascending graph.

As a result of this, there are many analysts who divide opinions about the future of marketing campaigns in the sense of whether digital marketing will supplant conventional marketing, causing its gradual disappearance, or whether a “coexistence” between these two generations of marketing and will be associated in the strategies of the big brands

Nowadays, the value that Social Networks bring to Digital Marketing is unquestionable since they give the possibility of being able to develop a really effective segmented advertising, or also called “precision shooting” advertising or one-to-one advertising. Therefore the exploitation of profiles of users of social networks is a much more precise advertising element and allows a more personalized work than conventional Marketing.

This has affiliated to many analysts to join the idea that the digital marketing will compete with the conventional marketing and announce the disappearance of the latter, as a result of an exponential growth of the digital strategies, giving place to extend the possibilities of creativity in the advertising campaigns, having as strength the direct arrival to the client with the appropriate profile.

However, there are other positions led by professional experts who, with solid arguments, predict an association between digital marketing and conventional marketing and that companies should use both digital and conventional media as part of a “mix” of strategies.

Therefore, without tilting for the moment for any of the “schools”, it is indisputable that companies must know how to choose what type of platforms and strategies to use to win the type of consumers they are looking for, since some will be of interest for certain people more than for others.

Rachel Aldighieri, public relations manager at the DMA, seems to us to be in a more reasonable position to consider that “a marketing strategy that has clearly defined its target audience and uses the most appropriate channel or combinations of different channels to reach consumers. with a personalized message with which to capture their attention “will be much more effective and attractive to the users and consumers themselves.

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