Daylight™ Swan Table Lamp and Swan Floor Lamp

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Swan Ground Lamp

The Swan Floor Lamp gives an elegant touch to your dwelling with great operation and top quality. The EasyTwist™ shade with further extended flexi-arm neck reach 36cm/14″ permits quick positioning of the highly effective 18W power saving light. The lamp also involves a crystal very clear 1.75X magnification lens on a new longer detachable flexi-arm 46cm/18″. This lamp offers daylight™ technological innovation which lessens eye pressure and glare for nutritious vision and also legitimate color matching.

(Uk D23030-01 / US U23030-01 / EU E23030-01 / AU A23030-01)

Swan Desk Lamp

The Swan Desk Lamp offers an stylish contact to your desk with excellent functionality and top quality. The EasyTwist(TM) shade with extra lengthy flexi-arm neck get to 36cm/14″ permits easy positioning of the strong 18W power conserving light-weight. The lamp also features a crystal distinct 1.75X magnification lens on a new lengthier removable flexi-arm 46cm/18″. This lamp offers daylight(TM) technological know-how which lessens eye strain and glare for healthy vision and also true colour matching.

(Uk D23020-01 / US U23020-01 / EU E23020-01 / AU A23020-01)

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