Choosing my Hair Straightener

The hair straightener is the essential tool for smooth hair followers! And once you have it in hand, it is easy to realize all your desire for smoothing. But before that, you have to find the right hair straightener. Check out our tips before running to buy it.

How to choose a good straightener?

The most important thing is to opt for a hair straightener with a heat regulator. It’s not because one iron heats up to 200 degrees that it’s more efficient or faster than another, so the heat regulator makes it possible to adapt the temperature of the device to its nature. The fine hair or sensitized, for example, do not tolerate excessive heat, while frizzy hair can more easily bear it. Then choose a flat iron that can reach 190 degrees, 200 maximum and equipped with a regulator.

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Side coating, ceramic is in the spotlight since less aggressive for the hair. That should not prevent you from to protect your hair from the heat of the plates.

In any case, it is strongly recommended to buy professional, more effective and healthier equipment for the hair. Know that a medium quality iron generally heats less well. You will then tend to spend several times on the same wick, which is not good for the hair. Remember one thing: do not stay static on the hair.

Take care of your straightener!

To increase the effectiveness of your hair straightener and prolong its life, some actions can be useful. First, avoid twisting electrical cords and do not store near any water point. Valid recommendations for any electrical appliance! It is also advisable to clean the plates after use. Wait until the plates are cold and get a dry cloth or very slightly damp then wipe your plates. The styling products you use can dirty your plates. But do not worry, it does not damage them.

Our tip

Your straightener can also play the role of curling iron if you know how to handle it properly! To do this, you must turn the wicks with the hair straightener without breaking them or give them a look too … But with a little dexterity and to make a few ripples for a party, it’s totally up to your reach!

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