Chatbots: the great bet of e-commerce

Technology advances by leaps and bounds, and with this, applications increase and the possibilities associated with e-commerce are maximized. What is known as chatbot is not something now; It is an idea and a technology that has been developing for years, but that until recently was very ballasted. The lack of means in terms of … Read more

Google and its commitment to AI

Among all the technological innovations that promise to cover our reality during the coming months, one of them is the development of artificial intelligence (AI) to support various tasks related to the commercial world. It is easy to remember Siri from Apple, a software that had a fun character and that was capable of answering … Read more

Web-based CRM solutions

“According to the relationship that an organized entity establishes with its clients, this will be the possibility of the success of its businesses”. With this in mind, CRM can be one of the most important factors for any organization. If an organization does not have a well structured sales process, there is the possibility of … Read more

Accessories for technology

That we are living in full the time of information, social networks and new technologies is something for which there is no doubt; the changes are happening more quickly and it is difficult to keep up with all the news related to the technologies that we usually use in our day to day. However, of … Read more