Collaborative Online Commerce, the next wave in Ecommerce

Two megatrends come together to strengthen Ecommerce. That is, social networks are a reality that is allowing participation and online conversations; On the other hand, online shopping sites have facilitated purchases in an excellent way, as indicated by the latest figures of the shopping movement in these systems. But, neither social networks have been designed … Read more

Before creating an online company

Setting up a company, both in a physical place and online , must be a conscious and thoughtful decision. While almost everyone is trained to have a small business that can grow over time, it will be the attitude that will drive it forward. A company is a great responsibility that you have for yourself … Read more

How can I increase the confidence of my clients in my online store?

E-commerce has become an alternative for all those people who want to start a business immediately. Unlike a physical store, ecommerce has certain characteristics that come to offer certain advantages that a physical store does not. For example: Cost reduction When you want to start a physical business, the first thing that comes to mind … Read more