Advantages and disadvantages of riding an I-business

I do not know if anyone has used it before. In case you have doubts what is a self-business we begin with a definition first.

A self-business is a way of making a living generating income thanks to an established personal brand. Examples would be selling courses, books, mentions in social profiles, etc.

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Quondos was one of the first examples within the online marketing sector of how to assemble a I-business based on Alex's personal brands and my own. Therefore one of the main goals was to convert Quondos into the main actor so that it works without us being continuously on top of it. I think that after 5 years we can say that this has been achieved. Or at least 80% …

The great advantages of a self-business

To set up a self-business you have to have a high self-esteem. With this you already meet 50% of the criteria. I'm serious. Today they are going to brand you quickly as "vendehúmos" no matter how good you are, so it will be better if you have a confidence in yourself high enough to overcome all the criticisms that are going to rain on you. This starts badly, I know. Was he going to talk about advantages, right?

Although he does not believe in passive business, this is something that more or less approaches theory. You need yourself and little else. Well a little yes.

  1. Specific knowledge of a sector, niche, concrete field and have some talent to transmit it.
  2. Ability to create content in text, video and / or audio.
  3. Access and / or knowledge for create an online store that allows the sale of products and services related to self-business.

Self-business requires a lot of self-hype. You have to create a community around you that wants to be entertained and formed. You have to have an infinite capacity to create free content. Only if you share things without cost will you be able to find some who will be willing to pay you for something more premium (eg a course, e-book, event or similar).

The great disadvantages of the I-business

I-businesses are rarely scalable. This does not mean that they can not be incredibly profitable. Look, for example, at Tony Robbins. It is a Life Coach that has managed to mount an I-empire that has earned him hundreds or even billions of dollars. That's very good if you do not mind being traveling all year, be always present in social networks and always be the center of attention.

If that's your "roll" the I-businesses are perfect for you.

A possibly more subjective disadvantage that I see is that many of the I-businesses sell something that is not or say that in my eyes it falls short. Among the products and services in the world of online marketing that I know, we could see this:

"I teach you how to set up an online business" when the maximum that this person has been able to bill is 1,000 euros per month (which is not is bad eye).

"I teach you how to set up a blog that sells" that tends to teach how to set up a personal blog but that seldom works for online stores or other non-business.

Thanks to the fact A start-up 11 years ago (which failed) I got to have a curiously good reputation. Well, the fact of having this blog also helped. In recent years I've been saying goodbye to social networks (right now I'm being a little more active again) because of a feeling that I did not deserve all that attention. My reputation is above my achievements and there is an important gap ("gap" as the Anglo-Saxons would say) that I have to fill in.

My personal mission is to start a business that is above my reputation. I want to operate throughout Europe, pay tens or hundreds of payrolls, have physical stores in several countries, etc. It is a long way. We are talking about a work of 5-10 years and more. Money does not motivate me. For this it would have been easier to follow the path of the I-businesses. I'm not interested in accumulating wealth, it does not challenge me, it's not what brings me happiness. I like challenges. It's what fills me, it's what I'm passionate about. I'll tell you later

Stay tuned.