A week of skiing in Villages Clubs du soleil

A week of skiing in Villages Clubs du soleil


I love the mountains, the fresh air, the snow, the unspoiled nature … The little worry with the mountain is that there are some constraints: the cold, the road, the gear to wear, the clothing and I pass. Usually we go skiing with friends and it's great fun, but with girls we are sometimes at the top of the galley. This year we spent a week at the Village Club du Soleil Oz-en-Oisans: the organization was not quite the same … I do you before-after, and I give you my opinion!


You leave for a few days skiing with friends: you rent an apartment (often minus) or a cottage often expensive. You arrive :

  • You reserve the nursery for kids. it costs … no snow did not you put the kid in the manger? no refund (lived).
  • You drag yourself to Sport 2000 to recover your equipment, you wait, everyone dies of hot.
  • You drag your gear as best as a big ball to the order that you rented or to the lockers of your building. You do not know but obviously you are the only person who is not able to wear his skis correctly: you have the falling stick and the skis that come off. You tell yourself that you have to do the same thing again when you leave.
  • You queue up for a thousand years and you leave a kidney.
  • You queue a thousand years at the ESF and you leave your 2nd kidney.
  • Come the moment to go shopping: the supermarket is minus, it's more expensive than in your Parisian Franprix.
  • Next morning, everybody at the cleat, you arrange the breakfast you dress the kids as at the North Pole.
  • If you have to take the car, you're in the traffic jams of everyone who goes to the station too.
  • You leave one at the manger. He cries, we must return around 17h. Hop the other at the ESF and roll my hen.
  • It's 10am you're cold you're tired, Roooooh it's okay it's the holidays anyway!

I make you the evening?

  • Watch out for the hot water with the shower guys. You wanted to wash your hair for tomorrow. It's not all that but you have to prepare food now! You try to have a drink, but the kids are hungry … Hop pasta. You will be mega fondue Savoyarde tonight, fortunately the friends ensure serious cooking (and alcohol too)
  • Buddies fight to make the chimney fire, limit they play their life there.
  • Everyone is fighting for the room, no way to sleep in the living room next to the one who snores.
  • The decor is a bit, how to say … retro? rustic atmosphere of the mountains.
  • It is 2am, you have eaten well, drunk, chained poker and other card games … it will bite tomorrow!
  • you come back from your week, you have taken the air but mashed you are slammed. But you had a good time!

Does it speak to you?

After what a thousand hours of train more because more shuttle, you are there, at the foot of the tracks: more cars in sight and more need to move.

  • At the reception we give you the key to your room and the packages of each.
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner at the restaurant if you want from such time to such time.
  • Take the elevator, at -1 you have appointment now for your equipment rental and then at 16:30 next to registration at the nursery and 17h in the lounge with the ESF for ski lessons.
    All without queuing, warm in the same place, 3 steps from the room.
  • No races to do, put on your slippers or almost, and pass through the box apéro, it's good quiz there.
  • The room is big, cozy, the nice view and balcony, the bed super comfort and no worry of hot water.
  • In the morning you will take the breakfast then quiet you go down first to the nursery, your kid already has his little locker in his name.
  • The second is supported by the animators and leaves for ski lessons. You put your slippers in your locker, you put on your gear, you go through the door and the gondola is there in front, like the snow garden where Mona trains to become champion of snow hunting.
  • Around 16h you come back cushy, you recover all this little world. Outside we are waiting for you with hot chocolate and génépi! What a welcome !
  • Then you go to the pistoche, you take your shower, and you will put your feet under the table.
  • It's 9pm, ok there's a blind test at the bar but you just want to go to sleep comfortably and read a book. We will test tomorrow if the reach of the baby phone down. And then tomorrow morning there are snowshoes.

You come back refreshed, rested, you took the air and damn what you loved! Maybe you could convince your friends to come here, right?


My opinion on the week in the club:

you'll understand, if there is a place where I think the club is really the best, it's the mountain, especially with young children … I resign for the next 5 years, at least !

What I loved:

The location of the hyper central village, the hallucinating organization that makes your life so much easier! The atmosphere really really nice, the barbecue outside a lunch, the welcome to afternoon tea, entertainers cool and very pro with children, activities like snowshoeing included in the week.

I really liked the Village Club du Soleil Oz Oisans which is brand new, with a really beautiful and worked decoration.

I think Mona really exploded, she had a certain autonomy that she would not have had elsewhere.

I loved the flexibility of the nursery for Matilda, we took it back when we wanted, we could take it for the day and bring it back for a nap, we could enjoy it in the best moments.

We were very pleasantly surprised by the meals which were very varied and good. We are great gourmets, and we were amazed by the quality of the products. Big plus: every day homemade purees made for children and babies.

A village 100% kids friendly, no embarrassment with children, super well equipped (bed, bath, games, high chairs, dishes, bibs, jars, snack …) the top.

What I liked least:

The breakfast: not super varied, coffee not top, juice either … but hey you know I'm demanding on the subject!

and as I am a big gourmet I would have loved a snack every day!

The ski lesson of Mona at 9:30 in the morning, I wish I could take more time in the morning. But I understood that from this flowed all the organization of the child club, complicated that each has different schedules. We ended up well with it.

And level tariffs what gives?

We were out of season and our week was € 899 per adult, € 629 for Mona (under 6) and € 359 for Matilda.
This rate includes accommodation in a ski-in / ski-out hotel with full-board, ski passes, equipment rental, ski lessons in the snow garden, children's activity center and nursery.

I found this price totally up to the service we received. I do not hide that I will not be able to afford this holiday every year, but I found it so great and relaxing that I think I prefer to go skiing every other year, but in these conditions.









Do not hesitate if you want more info on the Villages clubs of the sun, I will be happy to answer you. Also find all the information about Oz en Oisans ski resort and the ski area!

A huge thank you to Villages Clubs du Soleil for offering us this is so beautiful vacation, it is an invaluable chance to leave like this thanks to the blog, I am well aware.