7 Reasons To Have A Corporate Blog In A Company

7 Reasons To Have A Corporate Blog In A Company

As companies access social media, there are many services that are tempting and gateway to get new customers or meet the concerns and information that existing customers need. But only in some cases does it make sense to use an infinite variety of services, in other situations it is a matter of using a smaller number strategically.

For many companies, a corporate blog makes a lot of sense, although they do not see it as attractive as a Facebook page or a Twitter account. However, a corporate blog has strong reasons to be considered a powerful and effective platform. Here are 7 of the reasons that can be considered important, although the subject is open to provide others that also have a strategic weight:


  1. It offers the public whose profile interests the company, for example, existing and potential customers, employees, partners, investors, media bloggers and analysts, a place with valuable information and own with the opportunity to acquire a place of Technical leadership in the face of competition and become a place of thought consultation for users.
  2. A corporate blog is a good complement to other social media activities, as it provides them with content that can be distributed and shared. This can help attract and captivate the public and the community.
  3. A corporate blog can also serve as a “content engine” throughout the organization. You can generate content for social media, newsletters, and marketing and sales guarantee.
  4. A corporate blog can be an effective tool to establish a competitive difference. Having a blog implies a big commitment of work, which does not mean that each company will do it. For companies with the interest and commitment to make a blog, there is a great opportunity to gain a competitive advantage.
  5. Blogs are dynamic and alive vehicles, while a website is quite static, with information that does not change so frequently. As a result, a blog can provide a website with resources to have content on a regular basis.
  6. Google loves blogs, because they generate fresh content. For companies that seek to improve their positioning, a blog can be an effective and cheap vehicle, obtaining by this positioning improvement more traffic on the site.
  7. A corporate blog can offer a good company and its key employees with personality a way to attract customers in a different way. Again, this can provide a competitive advantage.

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